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Buying Your Lottery Tickets Online?

Welcome to Buy Online Lotto Tickets, a site that has been put together specifically to help others discover the advantages of buying their lottery tickets  online. There are many reasons why you should buy your lotto tickets online. Don’t be like all those people who struggle to buy their lottery tickets, lining up for ages when there is a jackpot! Instead you can join the growing number who are discovering the many advantages of buying their lotto tickets online. Let’s list some of those advantages shall we?

Top Five Reasons For Buying Your Lottery Tickets Online!

    1. No more waiting in a queue for a ticket
    2. No more missing out because you forgot to buy your lottery ticket on the way home from work and you couldn’t be stuffed going out again. Now it’s as simple as going online and buying a ticket
    3. Oz Lotteries operates under strict government supervision and is an accredited sales agent of the following Australia lottery operators: – NSW Lotteries – Tattersalls Oz Lotteries is owned by leading Australian technology company Manaccom Corporation Limited (ASX: MNL) and as a subsidiary of a publicly listed company is regularly audited.
    4. Gone are the days where you can’t find your lottery ticket as it’s kept online. How many times have you heard of people who won the lottery but have yet to pick up their winnings? That’s because they lost their tickets. This wouldn’t have happened if they had bought them online.
    5. Emails sent out telling you of your results. You can also go-online to view your ticket and when you do you will notice that all the winning numbers are highlighted making it extremely easy to verify the results. This is an added bonus because I’ve heard of people who accidentally threw away winning tickets because they failed to check them properly.

Although US citizens are not allowed to join Oz Lotteries, apparently it’s illegal to purchase or sell lottery tickets across it’s borders and from overseas online lotteries agencies, it is open to the majority of other countries.

Where To Buy Your Lottery Tickets Online

Oz Lotteries is one of many accredited Online Lottery Agents and it’s my intention to find them and present them to you here on this blog. As I find them I will be adding them to this post, as it will be the first thing you will see when landing on my home page. Each site will have a link to their home page as well as a link to a page on this blog giving a more in depth review of the site in question. So, without further ado let’s list the first site, and don’t forget to drop in every now and again to see what others have been added.

  • These guys have been around since 2005 and so you know you can rely on them. I’ve written a post that explains all the benefits of becoming a GiantLottos member. Heck, you can even purchased a ticket from that post without having to leave the site.  :2tup:
  • theLotter.comI’m so happy to have found this one as it is indeed one of the best online lottery sites that I have seen, offering it’s customers the chance to buy lottery tickets for the best lottery outlets from around the globe. Read My Review.
  • PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM: I wrote a post about these guys called Introducing PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM! It highlights some interesting reasons why you should join them, the best one being they give a bonus to new members!
  • I introduced these guys and the fact that you can use PayPal to deposit money so you can buy your lottery tickets with them in this post. Edit: They no longer accept PayPal.
  • Wintrillions: I use these guys because of their syndicate feature. Read my review Wintrillions.

Become A Lottery Affiliate

There are many reasons why you would want to become a lottery affiliate, the main one of course is to make money. Naturally this is a lot easier if you have a website or blog but there is no reason why you can’t refer family and friends. As i find new lotto affiliates to join, just as in lotto sites, I will be adding them to this post.

  • GiantLottos: I love being a GiantLottos affiliate because they are extremely helpful and supportive of their affiliates. You can join here.
  • MyLotto: This site is a must as it gives you the ability to offer your prospective members the chance to buy lottery tickets from almost anywhere in the world via Another good reason to join is that you also get commission from tickets that you purchase thereby saving you money.
  • LottaRewards: This is my latest find and like MyLotto it allows members to take part in many of the worlds lotteries. if for no other reason you should join them to take advantage of the bonus they give all new members. As a member you will be able to promote their PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM. I wrote about them in my post, Introducing PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM!
  • LottoElite: LottoElite allows you to promote Wintrillions which is one of the few site that allow customers to purchase lottery tickets using PayPal.

Remember, this site is new so be sure to subscribe in order to be kept up to date, not only to future posts but future lotto draws from around the world.

Before I get into this post I want to point out the reality that the chances of winning the lottery is pretty damn slim. Everybody knows that and yet countless millions of people buy lottery tickets every day. It’s because so many people buy lottery tickets, the majority of which are losing tickets, that the lottery prize pools are so high.

Remember, although the chances of winning the lottery is low people do win it! Low as it is your chances of winning the lottery is as good as the other guy. Question is how can you increase your chances of winning the lottery?

increase your chances of winning the lottery

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery

  • Buy More Tickets: As obvious as this is this is one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Best way to do this is to buy tickets only when the prize pool has jack potted to a reasonable amount. Say your budget is $10 and it takes 6 weeks before the jackpot is high enough, you now have $60 to spend on your lottery tickets.
  • Lottery Syndicate: Heaps of people join lottery tickets because they believe a syndicate is the best way to increase their chances of winning the lottery. A syndicate is a group of lottery players who share the cost of their Lottery tickets! This allows them to play more games thereby increasing their chance of winning. If the syndicate wins, the prizes are shared equally among all the syndicate members.
  • Avoid Quick Picks: Richard Lustig, a 7 times Lottery winner advises against using quick picks. While Quick Pick numbers have just as much chance of being drawn as picking your own numbers. He believes the chances of winning the lottery is improved by researching past winning numbers.

I have to admit that I usually go for the Quick Pick lottery tickets. What Lustig says makes a whole lot of sense so I may actually take his advice.

As for the best online sites for purchasing your lottery tickets online. I use and recommend the following online lottery sites.

Just keep in mind that the best way of increasing the chances of winning the lottery is to actually buy a ticket. Then when you do win it you can drive by everybody who snubbed you for buying lottery tickets online in your brand new Ferrari. :2tup:

As you all know I don’t just promote online lottery sites without having tried and tested them. I’ve joined more than just one online lottery site not only so I can test them but also so I can take part in any special deals they have to offer. The reason for today’s post is to tell you about special deal which I received in an email only the other day.

The following is the online special deal on offer, for a limited time only, to all Aussie online lottery lovers.

Giant Lottery Special Online Lottery Deal For Aussies

online lottery special

Dear Peter,

Since our company was born over 10 years ago, Australia has been home to one of our most loyal player bases. Indeed the fact that the GiantLottos brand is recognised across this wonderful country is something we’re incredibly proud of!

With this in mind, we’ve decided to show our own loyalty to all Australian players by vastly reducing ticket prices across our lotteries for a limited period only.

Our prices have been reduced to Australian players as follows:

Lottery Old New
UK Lottery $5.00 $4.50
USA Powerball $6.00 $5.50
USA MegaMillions $6.00 $5.50
Euromillions $6.00 $5.50
Eurojackpot $5.00 $4.50
Superenalotto $4.00 $3.50
MegaSena $4.00 $3.50
Lotto 6Aus49 $3.00 $2.50

You’ll be glad to hear that our new ticket prices are available immediately and just in time for Wednesday’s massive AUD $260M USA Powerball draw!

Now let’s get our next big winner!

PLAY Major World Online Lotteries Today!

play now

As you can see, that’s a pretty good online lottery special for us Aussies. The email also shows some of the 8 major world lotteries members have access to.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of buying your world lotteries online then this would be a great time to join. Come on Aussies, don’t just limit yourself to Aussie lotteries. Expand your horizons and take part in some of the world’s biggest lotteries, offering jackpots that are unheard of in Australia.

Giant Lottos
GiantLottos – Where the Giants come to play our 9 International Lottos

Have you noticed how the USA Mega Millions has been getting bigger of late. That’s what happens you know when nobody wins it. I keeps getting bigger until some luck person gets those lucky lottery numbers right. The USA Mega Millions is currently worth $253 million! I know I’ve been getting my tickets twice a week just so I’m in the running.

You can see the results from the USA Mega Millions which was drawn on the 26th of May. The image also shows the winning numbers for the USA Mega Millions. I love the way highlights the winning numbers. That’s one of the many benefits of buying your lottery tickets online.

USA Mega Millions Lottery

My USA Mega Millions Lottery Ticket

I have to admit that I’ve been buying USA Mega Millions lottery tickets every week just so I have a chance at winning the USA Mega USA Mega MillionsMillions lottery. There’s my latest ticket over there on the right. All I had to do was click on the Play Again link to purchase another ticket. I even deleted the last game to see if it would allow me to do so. It sure did. Man, I hope those numbers don’t turn up.  :tongue:

Have you bought your USA Mega Millions lottery ticket yet? Did you know you could buy your USA Mega Millions lottery ticket online. You don’t even have to be in America to do so. Shit. I’m an Aussie and I get all my lottery tickets online. Even the ones I can buy at the local lottery agent. Stuff having to line up in those long lines when the huge jackpots are about.

How about you? Aren’t you tired of lining up just to buy a ticket?

Other reasons for buying your lottery tickets online include;

  • Security of not losing your lottery ticket
  • Not having to leave your home just so you can line up for ages to get a ticket
  • Knowing that you didn’t throw away a winning ticket just because you didn’t check it properly.
  • Having the knowledge that win or lose you will always be notified of the results when buying a ticket with
  • Being able to buy tickets from the world’s major lotteries.

Other great online lottery sites include

I’ve joined them all and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

Usually when I buy my lottery tickets online I go for the Easy Picks. I reckon I do this because I’m too slack to pick random numbers and I have numbers of my own, like birthdays and the like, that I could use. I figure that random numbers, that you get from the ‘Easy Pick’ function have just as much chance of winning as any other numbers. Today I’m considering improving lottery winning odds.

The image below shows my losing numbers for the last US Mega Millions. You will notice that not one my ‘Easy Pick’ numbers were actually picket making that ticket a total bummer. That’s when I thought I could use those numbers for improving lottery winning odds!

Improving Lottery Winning Odds Theory

Improving lottery winning odds
My theory is that because those same numbers didn’t come up in the last drawer it’s more like to come up in the next one. So when checking my lottery results online on the site I just hit the ‘Play Again’ link to pick those same numbers again for the next USA Mega Millions which has hit a new jackpot of some US$ 94 million.

Then it suddenly hit me!  :cry: I was looking at it all wrong. People play the same numbers for years on end and never win the lottery so  that meant my theory was compete bullshit. If anything I should just make sure that none of the numbers I picked matched any of the numbers drawn in the last lottery. That makes a lot more sense because the probability of those same numbers coming up again is pretty damn low.

Oh well, shit happens I suppose. Have you got your ticket for next USA Mega Millions draw. You sure as hell don’t want to miss out on a chance of becoming a multi millionaire.

Yeah, I know this is a lottery site, but I wanted to take the time to introduce you to another blog of mine. The blog is called Like this blog Easy Sports Betting is all about showing my readers how easy it is to place a bet on your favourite sports online.

Like this blog I don’t just talk about how easy it is to do that, I physically show them. I’ve joined several online sports betting sites so that I could actually test them to see how good they are. Just like I do here when it comes to buying lottery tickets online.  :cool:

Like here I also recommend my readers to join more than one online sports betting sites and that basically for the same reasons as well.

  1. So you always have access to an online agent, whether lottery or sport, and don’t have to worry about one being offline for whatever reason.
  2. So you can take advantage of special deals when they’re on offer
  3. So you can take advantage of the best odds

I also wanted to make Easy Sports Betting a blog that would offer my readers so much more than just providing them with the best online sports betting sites to join. I wanted to make it entertaining as well as informative. For that Reason I’ve added several categories to entice my avid sports betting fans to come back time and time again.They include the following Easy Sports Betting Categories.

Easy Sports Betting Topics Of Interest

  • Hot Sports Babes: My hot sports babes posts are by far the most popular of my posts, some of them getting thousands of views! Take the Hot Sports Netball Babes post as an example. That post alone has received over 8000 views! I even started a Hot Sports Hunks category but that hasn’t taken off much at all. Not enough women into easy sports betting perhaps?  :wknows:
  • Sports Jokes: To further entertain my readers easy sports betting also has a funny sports jokes section where I post what I believe to be funny jokes that are sports related.
  • Betting Jargon: Being totally honest with my readers I mentioned right from the start that I am a sports betting newbie. That being the case there have been occasions when I’ve come across some not so easy sports betting terminology. When that happens I research the topic and then write about it in order to help other sports betting newbies.
  • Sports Betting News: So as to keep my readers up to date I occasionally do posts on what I believe to be the most interesting sports betting news. Strangely enough the most popular post is the one on the top 5 hot sports babes in the news today.
  • Lady Luck: I introduced Lady Luck, Fortuna, to my readers to help them decide which sports betting site to join as well as giving them a fun way of deciding whether or not they should place a sports bet.
  • Special Lottery Draws: I figure why not. Punters like to bet so they would probably love to take a shot at some of the major lottery draws. My latest post introduces them to the $450 Million USA Powerball Jackpot.

Speaking of lottery draws, that one would be a good one to get your hands on wouldn’t it? There’s still a little time left to get your ticket. I got my ticket, partly show I could show my easy sports betting readers that I do more than just promote a lottery site. I actually use their services. To prove the point I display evidence of the sale as proof.

Easy sports betting lottery ticket