Results Of Saturday $21 Million Lotto Draw 3145

Well, I sure hope you guys had better luck than I did in last nights huge lottery draw worth $21 million. The most I got was three numbers, I couldn’t even get the supplementary  number. Oh well, there is always next time. In case you missed out on the draw numbers for Oz Lotteries I’ve placed them below for you.

Saturday Lottery Results Draw 3145

Clicking on the image will take you to the Oz Lotteries site. In case you’re wondering what the dividends were I’ve placed them below.

Total Prize Pool:$50,443,096.54 

Division 1 6 Main numbers 
Prize Pool: $21,000,000.04
17 winners, each received $1,235,294.12
Division 2 5 Main numbers, 1 Supplementary 
Prize Pool: $1,553,270.40
192 winners, each received $8,089.95
Division 3 5 Main numbers 
Prize Pool: $3,351,758.85
3223 winners, each received $1,039.95
Division 4 4 Main numbers 
Prize Pool: $5,065,614.15
160051 winners, each received $31.65
Division 5 3 Main numbers, 1 Supplementary 
Prize Pool: $8,511,617.40
396812 winners, each received $21.45
Division 6 1 Main numbers, 2 Supplementary 
Prize Pool: $10,960,835.70
800061 winners, each received $13.70

Heck, Until now I didn’t even know there was a division six. See, you can still learn something new :tongue: Sure do hope you had better luck than I did. Feel free to leave a comment if you got one of the smaller prizes  :2tup:


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