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Swiss-Nederland’s Winning Notification Scam Email

He we go again. I’ve just received another one of those dreaded phishing emails telling me that I’ve won €850,000.00. Naturally I know this to be impossible as I never bought a ticket from SWISS-LOTTO NETHERLANDS. Naturally they know that a lot … Continue reading

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Beware Emails That Tell You You’ve Won The Lottery

In my last post I wrote a post called Australian International Sweep Stake Lottery Scam and in that post I highlighted an email I received saying I had won a million US dollars. Quite a remarkable feat considering I never bought a … Continue reading

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Australian International Sweep Stake Lottery Ticket Scam

I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately telling me how I’ve won one lottery or another and while deleting the last one it suddenly hit me! The reason I’m getting these emails is because there are people out there … Continue reading

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