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Whilst there many you swear by buying their lottery tickets online there are many more who refuse to do so. What do you think is stopping them from doing so? I’m sure it’s because it’a a lack of trust. They’re scared that they won’t get their money if they actually do win the lottery.

While I’ve shown in previous posts that online Lottery winners actually do exist there are very few examples of major lottery winners. That is until recently! I’ve even shown readers proof of my wins, albeit small ones that they were. Even so there are those who will tell you that if you did buy a lottery ticket online and won a major jackpot you will never get to see that money. That the only reason I’m promoting these companies is because I am affiliated with them. While that is true I’ve never hidden that fact and I would never ever recommend a site unless I had complete trust in them.

Well, I’ve been waiting a very long time to put my readers mind at ease when it coms to buying their lottery tickets online. I now have definite proof that you will get your winnings were you to buy a lottery ticket online. There’s undeniable proof that an Iraqi man not only bought a ticket in the Oregon lottery online and won, he actually collected the entire jackpot of $6.4 million dollars.

You’re probably wondering which online lottery site sold him the winning Oregon lottery? He used the services of theLotter,com, which I believe is the first ever site that I joined and promoted. The fact that the winning ticket was bought online was even reported by NBC! This is because it was the first time in Oregon’s history that a man living overseas bought a winning Megabucks ticket online!

After consulting with legal experts the online sales was deemed to be legal! This is probably because even though the ticket was bought online the actual ticket was bought by a real person who physically went into a lottery agency to make the purchase. It’s just like ringing a friend from overseas who went out and bough the ticket for you. even flew the Iraqi man in personally to pick up his prize, which he decided to take over 25 years. Hows that for service? There’s not many like  who would personally fly someone over to pick up their winnings. Sure hope they will do the same for me when I win it.  :2tup:  

thelotter not a scam

Another article, three days later in the NYTimes, goes on to talk about the legality of purchasing the ticket online. The crux of the matter is although the winner purchased his ticket online, a real person walked into the Binky’s store to purchase the ticket on behalf of The owner of Binky also received $64000, a 1% bonus for selling the ticket. She didn’t much care who bought the ticket or from what country he came from.

Just found another article from KTVZ, a Central Oregon’s news leader, telling their version of this incredible win from Iraq.

thelotter online lottery players

If you’re still having doubts about buying your ticket online I hope this post puts your mind at ease. Finally, real proof that is not a scam. Now all you have to do to get your, hopefully, winning ticket online is to join. So, join theLotter now by clicking the image above.

Have you noticed how the USA Mega Millions has been getting bigger of late. That’s what happens you know when nobody wins it. I keeps getting bigger until some luck person gets those lucky lottery numbers right. The USA Mega Millions is currently worth $253 million! I know I’ve been getting my tickets twice a week just so I’m in the running.

You can see the results from the USA Mega Millions which was drawn on the 26th of May. The image also shows the winning numbers for the USA Mega Millions. I love the way highlights the winning numbers. That’s one of the many benefits of buying your lottery tickets online.

USA Mega Millions Lottery

My USA Mega Millions Lottery Ticket

I have to admit that I’ve been buying USA Mega Millions lottery tickets every week just so I have a chance at winning the USA Mega USA Mega MillionsMillions lottery. There’s my latest ticket over there on the right. All I had to do was click on the Play Again link to purchase another ticket. I even deleted the last game to see if it would allow me to do so. It sure did. Man, I hope those numbers don’t turn up.  :tongue:

Have you bought your USA Mega Millions lottery ticket yet? Did you know you could buy your USA Mega Millions lottery ticket online. You don’t even have to be in America to do so. Shit. I’m an Aussie and I get all my lottery tickets online. Even the ones I can buy at the local lottery agent. Stuff having to line up in those long lines when the huge jackpots are about.

How about you? Aren’t you tired of lining up just to buy a ticket?

Other reasons for buying your lottery tickets online include;

  • Security of not losing your lottery ticket
  • Not having to leave your home just so you can line up for ages to get a ticket
  • Knowing that you didn’t throw away a winning ticket just because you didn’t check it properly.
  • Having the knowledge that win or lose you will always be notified of the results when buying a ticket with
  • Being able to buy tickets from the world’s major lotteries.

Other great online lottery sites include

I’ve joined them all and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

Usually when I buy my lottery tickets online I go for the Easy Picks. I reckon I do this because I’m too slack to pick random numbers and I have numbers of my own, like birthdays and the like, that I could use. I figure that random numbers, that you get from the ‘Easy Pick’ function have just as much chance of winning as any other numbers. Today I’m considering improving lottery winning odds.

The image below shows my losing numbers for the last US Mega Millions. You will notice that not one my ‘Easy Pick’ numbers were actually picket making that ticket a total bummer. That’s when I thought I could use those numbers for improving lottery winning odds!

Improving Lottery Winning Odds Theory

Improving lottery winning odds
My theory is that because those same numbers didn’t come up in the last drawer it’s more like to come up in the next one. So when checking my lottery results online on the site I just hit the ‘Play Again’ link to pick those same numbers again for the next USA Mega Millions which has hit a new jackpot of some US$ 94 million.

Then it suddenly hit me!  :cry: I was looking at it all wrong. People play the same numbers for years on end and never win the lottery so  that meant my theory was compete bullshit. If anything I should just make sure that none of the numbers I picked matched any of the numbers drawn in the last lottery. That makes a lot more sense because the probability of those same numbers coming up again is pretty damn low.

Oh well, shit happens I suppose. Have you got your ticket for next USA Mega Millions draw. You sure as hell don’t want to miss out on a chance of becoming a multi millionaire.

Well, it looks like it’s time fpr a US Mega Millions win. That makes another winless US Mega Millions lottery. Of course that means that the US Mega Millions jackpots to a cool $180 million. I actually won a minor US Mega Millions win recently. I wrote about purchasing that ticket in my last post. I would have won a dollar because I picked the Mega Ball number but lucky for me I won a whole two bucks because I used the Megaplier option.  :tongue:  Heck, I’ll take double the winnings no matter how small.

US Mega Millions Win


US Mega Millions Win Long Overdue

So, I figured it’s time to buy my ticket with so that I get my share of the US Mega Millions win. No particular reason for using I could just as easily have used The important thing to remember is that bought what I hope to be my US Mega Millions winning ticket. I don’t just do this so that I can show you I buy my lottery tickets online either. I do it because I’m really hoping to have a US Mega Millions winning ticket.

What I’ll Do With My US Mega Millions Win

Most people will tell their bosses where to shove it but not me. I plan to keep my job because I’d be bored out of my brain just sitting at home. What I would do is take some well earned R&R. I’d love to go on a world cruise but I’m prone to travel sickness. Still, with all those millions at my disposal I reckon I just may be able to come up with some sort of cure.

So, I have my ticket. Do you have yours?

Millionaire cruise

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Looking To Win USA Mega Millions Yeah I’m still looking to win USA Mega Millions. As you can see from the winning numbers up against my losing numbers I failed to get my hands on the $128 million. I’m not worried though because no-one else did either. Actually it was a pretty piss poor effort all around, as you can see from the dividends below, compliments of

Looking To Win USA Mega Millions

Looking To Win USA Mega Millions As you can see 1st and 2nd prices remain winless. There must have been a few third prize winners in this USA Mega Millions because the dividends for 3rd prize was only$5,000! That is of course unless you were smart enough to invest in the Megaplier which multiplied that win by a factor of 4 resulting in $20,000! As you know, I’m one of the smart ones.  :party:

Naturally, because the USA Mega Millions did jackpot, resulting in a $144 million dollar pool of money there are going to be some huge lines as people struggle to get their, hopefully, winning USA Mega Millions lottery ticket. That is of course unless you’re smart enough to get your Mega Millions lottery ticket online.

Naturally, you know I’m not going to pass up my chance to at least get my hands on some of that cash. Once again I think I’ll use to buy my ticket online. I have to get my ticket online being an Aussie and all. But even if I was going to try for the $50 million Australian lottery, I wouldn’t queue up for it. Nope, stuff that, I’d rather get my tickets online using OZ Lotteries.