Can you believe it? The US Mega Millions just keeps rolling over and today’s AUD $676 Million jackpot is now the 7th largest in history! Now I’m not the one to miss out on such an opportunity. The opportunity to become on of the world’s newest millionaires! I know there are heaps of people out there who say the odds of winning the lottery are so big that it’s not worth buying a lottery ticket. The facts are they’re the ones that will never win the lottery because you have to be in it to win it.

Mega Millions Join Online Syndicate To Increase Odds Of Winning

Mega Millions SyndicateI know the odds are slim and that’s why I joined an online lottery syndicate with! Yep, the whole globe is buzzing with excitement as millions of lottery players around the world are scrambling to get tickets for this epic draw. Most are pulling their hair out as they join huge cues in order to get their tickets. There will even be a whole sleuth of them who will be tearing their hair out because they didn’t want to join those cues or they did manage too buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket only to lose it or to find it went through the wash! :tdwn:

Not me though! Not only did I buy my Mega Millions ticket online with, I also joined a syndicate to increase my chances of winning.

Believe me, you don’t miss on this chance to change your life forever! Pick your lucky numbers NOW and you could win the jackpot of your dreams. Tickets closing soon.

Here’s the email they sent me to confirm my Mega Millions Syndicate purchase!

Dear Peter,

Thank you for playing your favourite lotteries with!

This email is to confirm your Syndicate participation in the U.S. – Mega Millions draw scheduled for 8 Jul 2016, (confirmation no. 20160708442878).

Please find additional details below:

Syndicate Total Shares Your Shares
Random Selection
(1000 Lines)
385 1

During the purchase, you deposited $12.41

So, I have my Mega Millions ticket. Have you got yours?

A question some may as is when to buy a lottery ticket let alone when to buy a lottery ticket online. The answer to the first one is whenever you feel like it or when the jackpot is so high that you can’t refuse a chance at winning all that money. As to when to buy a lottery ticket online, there are more than one answer to that question.

When To Buy A Lottery Ticket Online Answers

  1. When you couldn’t be stuffed to go out to buy it from your local lottery agent. When it’s too late or it’s raining cats and dogs or you’re just too damn tired.
  2. Because the lottery jackpot is so huge that you know there are going to be people lining up for one and you just don’t want the hassle.
  3. When the lottery you want to buy isn’t available to you because it’s in another country!

That last one is probably the most important answer to the question when to buy a lottery ticket online. Or more specifically why so many people are buying their lottery tickets online.

I represent a lot of online lottery ticket agents but the most popular one would have to be This is because they are one of the oldest, since February 2002, online lottery agents and because they more large money winners than any other online lottery agent. This is really important to a lot of folk out there because they hope some of that luck will rub off on them.

I wrote about one of those major winners awhile back in a post called, TheLotter Flies Winner From Iraq To Collect Millions. That story just goes to show how far they are willing to go for their major lottery winners.

Then there’s this post that shows how has another huge winner.

That’s the beauty about buying lottery tickets online, when you join or one of the other sites that I represent, you will be able to buy lottery tickets online for almost any of the major world lotteries.

I’ve just bought my US Mega Millions lottery which at the time of writing this post had a jackpot worth $293 million! There’s no way I’m missing out on that money.

When To Buy A Lottery Ticket Online

I decided to use a Quick Pick for my shot at this weeks US Mega Millions Lottery. I figured if it was good enough for the Russian, because that’s how he won the Austria Lotto, it’s good enough for me. You can see my numbers in the image above. Notice I also went for the Megaplier, that way I can double my winnings. ;) :tongue:

Proof TheLotter A reputable Online Lottery Agent

Whilst there many you swear by buying their lottery tickets online there are many more who refuse to do so. What do you think is stopping them from doing so? I’m sure it’s because it’a a lack of trust. They’re scared that they won’t get their money if they actually do win the lottery.

While I’ve shown in previous posts that online Lottery winners actually do exist there are very few examples of major lottery winners. That is until recently! I’ve even shown readers proof of my wins, albeit small ones that they were. Even so there are those who will tell you that if you did buy a lottery ticket online and won a major jackpot you will never get to see that money. That the only reason I’m promoting these companies is because I am affiliated with them. While that is true I’ve never hidden that fact and I would never ever recommend a site unless I had complete trust in them.

Well, I’ve been waiting a very long time to put my readers mind at ease when it coms to buying their lottery tickets online. I now have definite proof that you will get your winnings were you to buy a lottery ticket online. There’s undeniable proof that an Iraqi man not only bought a ticket in the Oregon lottery online and won, he actually collected the entire jackpot of $6.4 million dollars.

You’re probably wondering which online lottery site sold him the winning Oregon lottery? He used the services of theLotter,com, which I believe is the first ever site that I joined and promoted. The fact that the winning ticket was bought online was even reported by NBC! This is because it was the first time in Oregon’s history that a man living overseas bought a winning Megabucks ticket online!

After consulting with legal experts the online sales was deemed to be legal! This is probably because even though the ticket was bought online the actual ticket was bought by a real person who physically went into a lottery agency to make the purchase. It’s just like ringing a friend from overseas who went out and bough the ticket for you. even flew the Iraqi man in personally to pick up his prize, which he decided to take over 25 years. Hows that for service? There’s not many like  who would personally fly someone over to pick up their winnings. Sure hope they will do the same for me when I win it.  :2tup:  

thelotter not a scam

Another article, three days later in the NYTimes, goes on to talk about the legality of purchasing the ticket online. The crux of the matter is although the winner purchased his ticket online, a real person walked into the Binky’s store to purchase the ticket on behalf of The owner of Binky also received $64000, a 1% bonus for selling the ticket. She didn’t much care who bought the ticket or from what country he came from.

Just found another article from KTVZ, a Central Oregon’s news leader, telling their version of this incredible win from Iraq.

thelotter online lottery players

If you’re still having doubts about buying your ticket online I hope this post puts your mind at ease. Finally, real proof that is not a scam. Now all you have to do to get your, hopefully, winning ticket online is to join. So, join theLotter now by clicking the image above.

Have you noticed how the USA Mega Millions has been getting bigger of late. That’s what happens you know when nobody wins it. I keeps getting bigger until some luck person gets those lucky lottery numbers right. The USA Mega Millions is currently worth $253 million! I know I’ve been getting my tickets twice a week just so I’m in the running.

You can see the results from the USA Mega Millions which was drawn on the 26th of May. The image also shows the winning numbers for the USA Mega Millions. I love the way highlights the winning numbers. That’s one of the many benefits of buying your lottery tickets online.

USA Mega Millions Lottery

My USA Mega Millions Lottery Ticket

I have to admit that I’ve been buying USA Mega Millions lottery tickets every week just so I have a chance at winning the USA Mega USA Mega MillionsMillions lottery. There’s my latest ticket over there on the right. All I had to do was click on the Play Again link to purchase another ticket. I even deleted the last game to see if it would allow me to do so. It sure did. Man, I hope those numbers don’t turn up.  :tongue:

Have you bought your USA Mega Millions lottery ticket yet? Did you know you could buy your USA Mega Millions lottery ticket online. You don’t even have to be in America to do so. Shit. I’m an Aussie and I get all my lottery tickets online. Even the ones I can buy at the local lottery agent. Stuff having to line up in those long lines when the huge jackpots are about.

How about you? Aren’t you tired of lining up just to buy a ticket?

Other reasons for buying your lottery tickets online include;

  • Security of not losing your lottery ticket
  • Not having to leave your home just so you can line up for ages to get a ticket
  • Knowing that you didn’t throw away a winning ticket just because you didn’t check it properly.
  • Having the knowledge that win or lose you will always be notified of the results when buying a ticket with
  • Being able to buy tickets from the world’s major lotteries.

Other great online lottery sites include

I’ve joined them all and I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

Usually when I buy my lottery tickets online I go for the Easy Picks. I reckon I do this because I’m too slack to pick random numbers and I have numbers of my own, like birthdays and the like, that I could use. I figure that random numbers, that you get from the ‘Easy Pick’ function have just as much chance of winning as any other numbers. Today I’m considering improving lottery winning odds.

The image below shows my losing numbers for the last US Mega Millions. You will notice that not one my ‘Easy Pick’ numbers were actually picket making that ticket a total bummer. That’s when I thought I could use those numbers for improving lottery winning odds!

Improving Lottery Winning Odds Theory

Improving lottery winning odds
My theory is that because those same numbers didn’t come up in the last drawer it’s more like to come up in the next one. So when checking my lottery results online on the site I just hit the ‘Play Again’ link to pick those same numbers again for the next USA Mega Millions which has hit a new jackpot of some US$ 94 million.

Then it suddenly hit me!  :cry: I was looking at it all wrong. People play the same numbers for years on end and never win the lottery so  that meant my theory was compete bullshit. If anything I should just make sure that none of the numbers I picked matched any of the numbers drawn in the last lottery. That makes a lot more sense because the probability of those same numbers coming up again is pretty damn low.

Oh well, shit happens I suppose. Have you got your ticket for next USA Mega Millions draw. You sure as hell don’t want to miss out on a chance of becoming a multi millionaire.