OK, OK, I know it’s been awhile since my last post. Last September in fact, it was when I wrote about the $400 Million U.S. Powerball. This time however, I want to tell you about another U.S. million dollar jackpot, the US Mega Millions which is now worth a huge $550 million! You have to admit, that is certainly worth a post. If only we had a magical Lottery Robots to pick those numbers for us.

Well, you will be happy to know I been doing more than just sit on my hands since that last post. I actually found an online site that uses Lottery Robots to help you pick the winnings numbers for almost any lottery, including the US Mega Millions! This may not interest you if you’ve bought one of the lottery number pickers I wrote about previously, but even so, you may want to watch the video below.

The Lottery Robots At Work

I’ve actually bought my own Lottery Robots for this weeks Mega Millions lottery. It only cost me $24.95 to secure his services for a whole 12 months. Any other Lottery Robots I decide to purchase will only cost me $9.95 per lottery. That way I know that each Lottery Robot I purchase is dedicated to a particular lottery.

I don’t expect to win it big the first time I use my very own lottery robots, but I do hope to get more and larger winnings than what I am used to.

So, I have my lucky Lottery Robots. Have you?

Lottery Robots


Time To Win USA Powerball

You will never know if its your time to win the USA Powerball jackpot unless you buy yourself a ticket. Now is a good time to win too because the the USA Powerball jackpot is worth over $400 million! Do you remember how I’ve always said it’s a good idea to join more than one online lottery site? This is so you can take up one of them over another because of any special deal they have on offer? Well this time around it’s Wintrillions who has a special lottery offer for its members, one that you can see in the image below.


time to win USA Powerball

That is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Can you imagine if life was one long vacation. No more early morning starts, no more long days in the office and no more waiting around for pay day. Wouldn’t you love to tell your boss exactly where to shove it? Well, if fate has it that it’s your turn to win $400 Million in the USA Powerball Mega-Rollover draw this Wednesday then the world is your oyster. Sit by the pool, go on a world cruise or retire to a villa in Tuscany. The choice is yours, but you have to be in it to win it! Get your ticket now.

You’d love to become an instant millionaire right?  Well, the easiest way is to go online and buy your lottery ticket. The problem is that unless you get all the winning numbers the `consolation prizes usually fall short of the million mark. Well not this year. This site is all about helping others to fulfill their dreams of becoming an instant millionaire though buying their lottery ticket online.

From day one I’ve been telling people what a great idea it is to join all the online lottery sites that I’ve recommended on this blog. The main reason for that is so they can take advantage when one of those sites has a special deal for their members. Like the following email I got today from theLotter.com

UK Become An Instant Millionaire Raffle

Become An Instant Millionaire
Dear Peter,
Christmas in July just got a little sweeter as EuroMillions UK announced it will repeat last year’s Olympics-inspired feat of making 100 millionaires in one night! In the UK Millionaire Raffle on Friday, July 26th, one hundred 9-digit alphanumeric codes will be generated at random. If the code on the bottom of your ticket matches one drawn, you are guaranteed to take home a cool £1 million!

As part of Christmas in July, theLotter is offering you 20% cashback on all one-time entries for this special EuroMillions UK draw!

*Offer valid until Friday 26th July at 15:30 GMT

So, even if your ticket doesn’t win the big one you still get 100 more chances at winning £100. If you’re already a theLotter.com member you’ve probably already received this email. If you’re not a member now would be a great time to join. It’s free so why wouldn’t you want to join? Not only do you get a over 100 chances of becoming a millionaire, you also get to buy your ticket at a discount. Heck, you might even be able to take advantage of their buy one lottery ticket online and get one ticket free welcome bonus.


I am so glad that I’ve joined more than one lottery sites. If I didn’t I would be missing out some really great deals. I’d even be missing out on some really cool lotteries. Like the Spain Super Summer Draw. The only reason I found out about it is because WinTrillions sent me an email notifying me of the fact. It seems that they’ve secured an exclusive allocation of tickets to the Spain Super Summer Draw making it available to all it’s lucky members.

Spain Super Summer Draw

The Spain Super Summer Draw would have to be the lottery event of the summer Draw. Because its drawn on Saturday the 6th July Read the rest of this entry

You know, I just knew someone would win it this time. I’m talking about the latest EuroMillions lottery which hit a high of €185,000,000! That’s a pretty good haul by anyones standards. By checking out the EuroMillions lottery results it seems that the prize pool was shared by two luck winners. They get to collect €93,968,807 each. Good luck to them I say, Just goes to show what could happen if you only take the chance and buy a ticket. That’s why they say you have to be in it to win it.

Talking about being in it to win it, you may remember that I told you I was in a lottery syndicate via the Wintrillions lottery site. Well, as it turned out we won the biggest prize yet to date. A whole €105.2. My share? A whole €0.45. Hey! Thats better than nothing right?  :tup: Oh well, at least it’s showing that you definitely have more chance of winning something if you’re in a syndicate, because I’m winning more often than when I buy tickets on my own. Read the rest of this entry

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