Do Online Lottery Tickets Win, Really?

This has to be the one question I get asked the most. Do online lottery tickets win their owners real cash! The answer is of course yes you can. Most of the online lottery ticket agencies I represent will display the most recent winners on their site. I took a screen shot of site which the very attractive blonde is displaying in the image below.

As you can see theLotter has to date paid out US$ 25,534,747 to 840,059 winners throughout the world! Out of the most recent winners someone in Latvia won € 849 in the Germany Lotto. Read the rest of this entry

I don’t believe it, Official USA Powerball results show no winner! NO WINNER! You know what that means don’t you? It’s going to rollover once again. Up to the last Powerball the jackpot rose to a whopping US$ 600 million. That is pretty bloody phenomenal. One can only wonder what the jackpot will be once they post it.

Edit: Forget that paragraph, I got it completely wrong. That’s what happens when you do a post straight after getting up before having a cup of coffee. There was actually one winner and I must congratulate the instant millionaire, whoever he or she is.

This post is all about the USA Powerball results, Draw 2013/39 which was drawn just recently. I hope you were the winner but even if you didn’t win the big one you may still find yourself somewhat richer from winning one of the smaller divisions. Take particular note of the payout for the powerplay players! Division 2 players won a million bucks each which is still pretty good. Those who invested that little bit more by using the PowerPlay feature actually won two million dollars! Well worth that small extra investment. Read the rest of this entry

USA Powerball Rollover

Yep, you read that right, the USA Powerball rollover is a reality because nobody won Wednesdays draw. That means that there’s a whopping US$ 475 million up for grabs. You have to admit that’s nothing to sneeze at. The draw date for the USA Powerball is 18th May 2013 so you still have a couple of days to get your, hopefully, winning ticket. The question is are you going to join those huge crazy cues or are you going to get it online? Are you going to take the chance that you may lose or misplace the winning ticket or are you going to rest secure in the knowledge that your ticket is stored safely and securely online. Honestly, there are heaps of reasons why you should get your USA Powerball ticket online and apart from the ones I’ve already named my favourite is that you know for a fact that you haven’t thrown out a winning ticket because you didn’t check it properly. I’m pretty sure that the bulk of the online Lottery agents will notify you of any winning ticket. I know does and I’m absolutely certain Wintrillions does because I get notified several times a month of my winning syndicate tickets. Too bad they’ve all been small prizes so far but at least it proves that you’re more likely to win if you join a syndicate.

USA Powerball US$ 475 million

Honestly, you want to follow the girls advice and get your US Powerball ticket while you can. You know you’d love to get your hands on some of that cash and the only way you can do that is if you buy a ticket, because like I’ve said before you have to be in it to win it. If you’re not a member of one of the secure online lottery agents that I represent, you can see them all in the sidebar on the right, now is the perfect time to join. If you have a Paypal account and would love to use Paypal to buy your US Powerball ticket then highly recommend If you’re worried about the security of getting your tickets online, I know that may bother some of you, then I recommend either Neteller or Skrill. Edit: They no longer are able to accept PayPal. The only one that does is Oz Lotteries, unless you happen to live in the States that is.

Whatever you do just don’t forget to get your ticket because if you win you can finally tell your boss where to shove it!  :2tup:

In case you need help picking your numbers perhaps one of the following will help.  :idea::no


Before I tell you about the biggest lottery jackpot around I want to remind everybody that mothers day is just around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about what to buy the person who helped to bring you into the world. To help you I’m going to introduce you to a site that will help you to choose the best mothers day gift. Actually, The Gifts Guru is a pretty new site and I’m sure that with time a lot of people will make it a regular stop when trying to work out what gifts to buy someone on those special occasions. Just remember, you don’t have to win the biggest lottery jackpot in the world to buy your mum the gift she deserves. Speaking of lotteries, I think it’s time we had a look at which lotteries are worth getting into because of the prize value.

Biggest Lottery Jackpot Australia?

The biggest lottery Jackpot in Australia would have to be The Australian Powerball Lottery which failed to go off last week. This weeks jackpot is worth $60 million! One would think Oz Lotteries would be your best bet for buying an Aussie Powerball online but for some reasons if your living in Queensland you’re not able to. Then there’s also those poor Americans who are excluded but not to worry because if that’s the case your best bet would be who are running a great special on Aussie lotteries for the month of April.

 Biggest Lottery Jackpot USA?

The Americans are well known for their huge lottery jackpot and discounting their powerball which goes off in the next few ours, their biggest lottery jackpotbiggest lottery jackpot is Megamillions which is worth a huge $114 million! is the one I recommend for this lottery, that is of course unless you want to use your PayPal to pay for your lottery ticket. If that’s the case then your best option is Something else you may want to try at would be their Jackpot hunter which is worth $306 million US! It actually looks kind of interesting, so interesting in fact that I think it deserves a post all on it’s own.

That’s if for now. Don’t forget, you have to be in it to win it and getting your hands on the biggest jackpot is well worth spending a few bucks.

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Why It Costs More To Buy Lottery Tickets Online

People are always asking why it costs more to buy lottery tickets online? The answer is really quite simple. You’re basically paying for someone to physically go out and buy the lottery ticket for you. If you went to a ‘live’ lottery agent you would pay more than if you went the actual lottery office because the agent gets a commission for selling you the lottery tickets. When you get your tickets online they have people who go out to purchase the ticket who have to be compensated for their time. The agent themselves also have to make something and so they add a small fee to the purchase. When you think about it you would expect to pay a lot more but they’re able to keep their fees down because of the amount of tickets their able to sell. I’ve always expected to pay more for a lottery ticket online but that doesn’t mean that I don’t take advantage of special deals when they are on offer. That’s one of the reasons why I join so many lotter agents. You can see them listed over there on the right under the ‘Best Lotto Sites‘ heading. It’s the same reason why most people like to shop around so they can get the best price. Being a member of all these lottery sites means I get notified when they’re offering special deals.

How To Buy Australian Lottery Tickets Cheap

It just so happens that I recently got an email from that I want to share with you guys.

Dear Peter, Pay store prices with online convenience! is proud to offer tickets for Oz Lotto, Australia Powerball, the Saturday Lotto and the Wednesday Lotto online at cost price until the end of April. Why wait in line to buy lotto tickets for your favourite Australian lotteries when you can pay the same price online at theLotter. Play today and enjoy the comfort and convenience of online lotto at no extra expense! *Offer valid until 30th April 2013 at 23:59 GMT Take advantage of this amazing offer to purchase a subscription and receive every tenth ticket free. Just press subscribe after your purchase to increase your chances of becoming a millionaire and never miss a draw!

why it costs more to buy lottery tickets online

I highlighted the last section because I thought it sounded like a pretty good deal, so good I may take them up on it. :2tup:  Anyway, I haven’t bought a ticket from a real life agent for so long I have absolutely no idea what they cost these days. I did compare them to OZ Lotteries and I can say is a lot cheaper. So, if you haven’t joined yet now would be a great time to add them to your online lottery agent arsenal. This is especially true because the PowerBall this coming Thursday is worth $30 Million! This would be really great for those guys who live in Queensland or the States who are unfortunate enough not to be able to use the services of OZ Lotteries. If you haven’t experienced the ease of buying your lottery tickets online now would be a great time to start. Good luck guys.


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