Since introducing you guys to Wintrillions a little while back I thought it time to write a review on it. Naturally the only way to do an proper review was to become a member and so I did. As far as joining goes it was simple, painless and free. As a member I am now allowed to play licensed lotteries from all around the world and all from the comfort of my home. This is after all one of the main benefits of buying your lottery tickets online.

The next step was to see what methods of payment they accept for purchasing your lottery tickets online and although I stated in the post Introducing that you can use PayPal to buy your lottery tickets this was not one of the options presented to me. Now, in my defence I only made that assumption because that was one of the options I noticed from looking over their site before. A little confused I shot them an email asking them to explain. It seems that option is not available to Aussies! A bit of a bummer but no major drama as I get my lottery tickets online using PayPal via Oz Lotteries.

In my opinion another flaw with the site was that I couldn’t buy a ticket in a single draw as I was only offered multiple draws. Although buying multiple draws lowered the price of individual tickets it didn’t appeal to me because I only buy tickets when major jackpots were available and so I didn’t want to tie myself into multiple draws. I explained this to them and they said the only way for me to buy tickets in a single draw was to join one of their many syndicates. Syndicate? Now there is an interesting proposition because I knew that syndicates pooled their money so they could buy multiple tickets in a draw thereby increasing their chances.

Joining An Online Lottery Syndicate

After their response I went online to check out what the online Syndicate part of their site had to offer. I did note that they offered syndicates in many of the world lotteries available and took a snap shot of their top Syndicates for the day.

online lottery syndicates

They even had a simple explanation of what a Syndicate is.

Do you love lotteries? If you’re one of our many players who love to play for the big jackpot prizes, then syndicates are the perfect way to enhance your chances. With a WinTrillions Syndicate you pool your resources with other players to buy multiple tickets and, when you win, the prize money is divided equally between each share. It’s like playing in a syndicate with your friends except we do all the hard work for you.

I thought cool. I reckon I’ll give the EuroMillionsMini a go.  :2tup: As you can see from the image below I went for the one month, 8 draw option. There was no discount for taking this option, I only took it because I usually spend around twenty bucks when investing in a lottery ticket.

EuroMillionsMini syndicate

After clicking Add to Cart it too me to the review page and from there to the following payment page.

I took the American Express option, as I get more points that way  :tongue: and got presented with this page.

So, that’s it, I’m now entered into 8 lottery draws with a syndicate over the next month which means I now have 50 chances to win every week for the next month. And all for $5 a week. Now I just have to sit back and wait. Wish me luck.

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Are There Any Negatives To Joining Wintrllions?

There is only one thing that I don’t really like about Wintrllions and that is that you can’t just buy one ticket. You have to subscribe to multiple draws. This means they will keep deducting money from your credit card until you cancel your subscription. You can only do this by sending them an email as I haven’t been able to find any unsubscribe link on their site!

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