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Results For $100 Million Oz Lotto Draw 977

As it turns out last nights OZ Lotto turned out to be a record beating the one set in 2009 which surged from a guaranteed jackpot of $90 million to over $106 million. Last nights jackpot went from a guaranteed … Continue reading

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How To Get Discount For The Oz Lotto JackPot

Do you live in Queensland or America and are having trouble buying a ticket online in the $100 million Oz Lotto using the Oz Lotteries site? Doesn’t seem fair when everyone else can do it does it? Well, if you’ve … Continue reading

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Ten Ways People Can Lose Their Winning Lottery Ticket

Most people probably don’t look at it this way but I’ve heard a few people say that they consider lottery tickets to be an investment. When I tell them that most people think of buying lottery tickets as being the … Continue reading

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OZ Lotto Results For Draw 951 $70M Jackpot

Winning Numbers And Dividends For OZ Lotto Draw 951 Well, it looks like I lucked out again although there were three winners who share in the $70 Million dollars. But before we get into that I know you want to … Continue reading

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OZ Lotto $70 Million Jackpot Drawn On Tuesday 8th May 2012

That’s right guys, you read that right. Australia’s Tuesday OzLotto has just ┬áhit a colossal $70M! OK, that’s not huge compared to some of the jackpots you see in some of the lotteries you see in other countries, the USA … Continue reading

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