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As it turns out last nights OZ Lotto turned out to be a record beating the one set in 2009 which surged from a guaranteed jackpot of $90 million to over $106 million. Last nights jackpot went from a guaranteed $100 million to almost $112 million. Now that is what I call a sweet prize pool. Well, the results are in and four Aussies are going to share in it winning a cool $27.9 million each. Unfortunately no-one in South Australia, my home state, was lucky enough to win it as the lucky states for this weeks draw turned out to be Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

So many people went online last night trying to check their numbers and to see whether or not someone had actually won the lottery that websites were crashing all over the place. I wasn’t one of them as I was working last night and because of that I even missed out on the draw. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one in that situation I’ve decided to do something a little different for this post by embedding a video of the actual Oz Lotto draw.

Oz Lotto Draw 977 November 6, 2012

OK, so we know the winning numbers and now we need to know what the dividends were so we know how much we won.

oz lotto results
I haven’t received an email from OZ Lotteries yet but that’s understandable considering the amount of people who have bought tickets in it. I could go online and check the numbers myself but that would ruin the suspense.  :tongue:  At least I know that if I actually did win something I know that my winnings are secure. Not like those poor bastards who have bought and mislaid their tickets. I reckon they will be tearing out their hair about now.

One of the many advantages of buying your lottery tickets online is being secure in the knowledge that you never have to worry about losing your tickets again. Another one is that you don’t have to worry about having to join those endless long queues to buy a ticket when they jackpot to something like last nights Oz Lotto.

All that aside, I reckon the biggest advantage about getting your lottery ticket online is that it opens up a whole new world to you. No longer are you constrained to buying tickets in the place of your birth. Going online allows you to buy lottery tickets from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s America’s US PowerBall or Europe’s EuroMillions you now have access to it and this site supplies you all the information needed to do so. These include, theLotter.com, PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM, Lottobroker.com, LottoZone and Wintrillions. Which of those will be your lucky meal ticket to a life of luxury?

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Do you live in Queensland or America and are having trouble buying a ticket online in the $100 million Oz Lotto using the Oz Lotteries site? Doesn’t seem fair when everyone else can do it does it? Well, if you’ve found this page then you’ve learned something that those who have subscribed to my List have known for ages, that sites exist who will allow you to buy your lottery tickets online. I’ve listed those sites in my introductory post called, funnily enough, Welcome To Buy Online Lottery Tickets!  :tongue:

In my last post I mentioned how theLotter.com had offered a discount on the $70 million Oz Lotto game and how if we were lucky they might do the same thing again. Well, they have only this time they’re offering a huge 40% discount on one-time entries in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto. You have to admit that is a pretty sweet deal by anyones standard.  :2tup:

Oz Lotto Discount

In case you’re wanting to buy your lottery tickets using PayPal Oz Lotteries is the only way to go.

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70 mill oz lotto

After the last post I’ve had a few list subscribers ask me if anyone was offering a discount on OZ Lotto lottery tickets. At the time nobody was but then when I checked my emails today I had one from theLotter.com and guess what? Yep, they’re offering a 15% cash back on Oz Lotto tickets.

Oz Lotto Discount

It’s still won’t be as cheap as Oz Lotteries but then not everyone is able to utilize their services and so theLotter.com offers them another alternative. Don’t forget, there’s only a couple days left so you better be quick before time runs out.

70 million

Yep, it looks like nobody won the major prize on Tuesdays Oz Lotto so that means the prize pool jackpots once again and this week it’s worth a nice $70 million. How did you guys go with your tickets? Did you win anything at all? I did, but before I show you my results let’s take a look at the winning numbers and the dividends for OZ Lotto Draw 975!

OZ Lotto Results Draw 975

Now, let’s look at my results from the 14 tickets I purchases.

winning lotto numbers

The first numbers are the ones I play every time I buy a ticket and the others are all easy picks. What you see here is a screen capture of my tickets from Oz Lotteries. The red numbers are the winning numbers and the orange ones are the supplementary numbers. Notice how easy it is now to check your tickets. Gone are the days when you think you didn’t check them properly. Gone also is the fear of losing your tickets. I don’t know about you but that’s a load off my mind.

Anyway, getting back to my tickets, the fourth one had three winning numbers and a supplementary which means I won the division 7 prize which amounted to a huge $15.10!  :party: Not a huge amount but at least it will pay for this weeks tickets.  :2tup:

Have you got your tickets yet? Don’t forget now, I don’t want you to miss out on your chance to win that $70 Million :time:


lucky four leaf clover

Man, I’ve been so busy of late that I almost missed this weeks Oz Lotto Jackpot. It’s not even my fault considering all the emails I get. Anyway, I was going through them today when I saw that this weeks Oz Lotto’s JackPot is worth $50 million, and that is not something I’m going to let slip by without getting my hands on a ticket or two. But before I get hold of my tickets I’m going to show you how to actually play Oz Lotto, and the best way to do that is to copy it straight from the Oz Lotteries Site.

How To PLay Oz Lotto

OZ Lotto is the lottery game played in Australia on Tuesday evenings. The draws are run at approximately 8:30pm AEST with entries closing at 6:30om AEST.

To play OZ Lotto, a customer must select seven numbers from a choice of 45 numbers on the OZ Lotto game panel. The minimum number of games that can be played on a ticket for Ozlotto is 1, which gives the customer one chance to win the Ozlotto prize.

There are several ways to play the OZ Lotto game, let’s have a look at the first way to play OZ Lotto called a Quickpick. Quickpicks are available to customers at any land based or accredited online lottery agent and allow the customer to have a computer randomly select 7 numbers for each game they choose to play.

The next way to play OZ Lotto is a marked coupon. The marked coupon offers the customer the opportunity to select their own numbers for each game they would like to enter into the Ozlotto draw. The customer is able to select 7 numbers out of the possible 45 for each game.

Syndicates are a way that a group of customers may participate and enter an OZ Lotto entry by pooling together their funds to pay for the entry and the splitting the prize pool should they be lucky enough to win the draw.

Another popular way to play OZ Lotto is with a “with the field” entry. With the Field allows the customer to select 5 or 6 numbers (instead of the standard 7) from 45 for each game they enter. The customer is then guaranteed the remaining 1 or 2 numbers to form a winning combination. Of the 7 winning numbers drawn for the OZ Lotto game the customer enters, they will only need to actually have correctly chosen 5 or 6 of them to win.

OZ Lotto also offers advance and multi-week entries which allow a customer to enter OZ Lotto draws up to 10 weeks in advance with either their regular numbers or via a quickpick.

OK, I’ve just purchased 14 tickets in OZ Lotto using Oz Lotteries for the grand sum of $18.90. I use Oz Lotteries for two main reasons, the first being the cost factor and the second because the allow me to use my PayPal account. Unfortunately I know that there are some states in Australia that won’t allow you to purchase your lottery tickets online, Queensland being one of them. I don’t know why people living in Queensland can’t buy lottery tickets online but I assume it has something to do with their Stare Government. I also know that Americans can’t use Oz Lotteries and that has something to do with their laws, which is surprising when you consider they are so big on rights and all.

Seems a shame that you guys have to miss out on all the fun and security of getting you lottery tickets online which is one of the reasons why I started this site. If you can get your tickets via Oz Lotteries then I recommend you doing so. If you can’t then you can get  them through one of the following sites.

Must win lottery...

Must win lottery… (Photo credit: thievingjoker)

  • theLotter.com
  • Lottobroker.com
  • Wintrillions

Of those online lottery sites, Lottobroker and Wintrillions are the only ones offering PayPal as a way of paying for your tickets. I haven’t used Wintrillions yet, but I will soon and I will be sure to let you know when I do. As for Lottobroker, I wrote a post, complete with a video on how I purchased a ticket using PayPal which you can read about here. Edit: Those sites no longer support the use of PayPal.

When buying lottery tickets remember to gamble responsibly and all the best of luck.

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