100 million

As it turns out last nights OZ Lotto turned out to be a record beating the one set in 2009 which surged from a guaranteed jackpot of $90 million to over $106 million. Last nights jackpot went from a guaranteed $100 million to almost $112 million. Now that is what I call a sweet prize pool. Well, the results are in and four Aussies are going to share in it winning a cool $27.9 million each. Unfortunately no-one in South Australia, my home state, was lucky enough to win it as the lucky states for this weeks draw turned out to be Victoria, NSW and Queensland. So many people went online last night trying to check their numbers and to…

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Do you live in Queensland or America and are having trouble buying a ticket online in the $100 million Oz Lotto using the Oz Lotteries site? Doesn’t seem fair when everyone else can do it does it? Well, if you’ve found this page then you’ve learned something that those who have subscribed to my List have known for ages, that sites exist who will allow you to buy your lottery tickets online. I’ve listed those sites in my introductory post called, funnily enough, Welcome To Buy Online Lottery Tickets!  In my last post I mentioned how theLotter.com had offered a discount on the $70 million Oz Lotto game and how if we were lucky they might do the same thing…

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70 mill oz lotto

After the last post I’ve had a few list subscribers ask me if anyone was offering a discount on OZ Lotto lottery tickets. At the time nobody was but then when I checked my emails today I had one from theLotter.com and guess what? Yep, they’re offering a 15% cash back on Oz Lotto tickets. It’s still won’t be as cheap as Oz Lotteries but then not everyone is able to utilize their services and so theLotter.com offers them another alternative. Don’t forget, there’s only a couple days left so you better be quick before time runs out.

70 million

Yep, it looks like nobody won the major prize on Tuesdays Oz Lotto so that means the prize pool jackpots once again and this week it’s worth a nice $70 million. How did you guys go with your tickets? Did you win anything at all? I did, but before I show you my results let’s take a look at the winning numbers and the dividends for OZ Lotto Draw 975! Now, let’s look at my results from the 14 tickets I purchases. The first numbers are the ones I play every time I buy a ticket and the others are all easy picks. What you see here is a screen capture of my tickets from Oz Lotteries. The red numbers…

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lucky four leaf clover

Man, I’ve been so busy of late that I almost missed this weeks Oz Lotto Jackpot. It’s not even my fault considering all the emails I get. Anyway, I was going through them today when I saw that this weeks Oz Lotto’s JackPot is worth $50 million, and that is not something I’m going to let slip by without getting my hands on a ticket or two. But before I get hold of my tickets I’m going to show you how to actually play Oz Lotto, and the best way to do that is to copy it straight from the Oz Lotteries Site. How To PLay Oz Lotto OZ Lotto is the lottery game played in Australia on Tuesday evenings….

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