I know, it’s stating the obvious but it’s so true. If you pick the right numbers you will win the lottery. You know my dad will tell you that he wins the lottery every week and most people will look at him with a quizzical stare when he says this waiting for an explanation. After a momentary pause he will explain that he wins every week because he doesn’t buy lottery tickets so the money he saves is his winnings. A wise man my dad but the truth is you have to be in it to win it and that means picking the right numbers.

People use many ways for selecting their lottery numbers and I thought it would be interesting to go through some of them here.

  • A lot of people will chose numbers that hold an emotional value to them. They could be birthday dates, their anniversary date, the number of kids in the family and may even include the number of their house. I’ve heard many stories of people winning the lottery using this system.
  • Choosing random numbers would have to be the most popular method of choosing lottery numbers and I’m sure they take great enjoyment from doing it. Many use it as a family affair where the whole family gets together sitting round the table selecting number. I can even see them watching the TV to see if their numbers come up.
  • Others would probably look to the stars in the hope that the winning numbers may have some astrological significance. I’m sure you’ve noticed those horoscopes in the newspapers gleefully displaying the winning numbers?
  • Easy picks are probable the easiest way to pick your lottery numbers as all it requires is going up to your agent, telling them how many games you want to play and asking them to get the computer to generate the numbers for them. Many online lotteries will offer the same feature.
  • Then there are the ones that believe there is a mathematical solution so they will study past numbers, seeing how often they turn up, how long since the last time they were picked and other formula trying to work out the next winning numbers. I’m sure that a great many take great enjoyment from doing this too.
  • Those like me see the advantage of using mathematical probability for selecting numbers but simply don’t have the skill required to attempt it and so we look for a product that will do it all for us. If you’re like me you may consider some of the following

Lotto Number Picking Software

  • Lottery Queen is the home page of three Lottery Ticket Software programs that’s been developed in China.  I chose this site because they offer trial versions of their software so you can try them first.Once you’ve tried them you can decide as to whether or not it’s worth the money. According to them their system will work on almost any lottery which is what you would want if you plan on trying you luck on some of the overseas lottery games.
  • Lottery Harvester: At only $29.99 this software is very reasonably priced. They reckon that winning the lottery is possible and they have a couple of testimonials to prove their point.
  • Lotto Dominator: I like this one, at $49.95 it’s a little more expensive but it looks a lot more comprehensive, and I like the fact it will handle a lot of different lotteries. I also like the fact that it gives you a full 60 days to try it and if you’re not 100% satisfied you can request a full refund. I’m sure that 60 Days is heaps of time to try it out.
  • Inverted Lottery System: At $39.95 this is another one that might be worth a try. They reckon their system never fails and offer you proof to prove their point. Considering they also offer a full 60 day money back guarantee it wouldn’t hurt to give them a go.
  • Lottery Checkmate System: At the writing of this post they were running a special where you could purchase it for $26.99 instead of $37. Honestly I don’t know these people don’t just make it $27! this system as created by Sergey Tabin, a Russian Chess player who searched for the way to win the lottery. I reckon chess players don’t make all that much money so why not develop a way to win the lottery, especially if you have the smarts to do it.

If anyone has used one of these programs I would love to hear your experience with it so if you just leave a comment we would appreciate it.

Once again, I’ll be adding to the list when I find new systems so you may want to drop in occasionally to see what’s new.

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