Winning The US Mega Millions Online

I bought my last Mega Millions lottery ticket online last week. Actually, being an Aussie the only way I can buy a USA Mega Millions lottery ticket is online. Which is fine because I much prefer it that way. I even buy my Aussie lotteries online using Oz Lotteries. Sure I pay that little bit more but as far as I’m concerned the benefits easily outweighs the extra cost.

One of the many benefits is the way I get notifications whenever the lottery is drawn. The image below was included in my email from As you can see, not only did I receive the winnings numbers for theUSA Mega Millions lottery draw, it also highlights my winning numbers. Unfortunately I didn’t get enough winning numbers to actually win a portion of the USA Mega Millions. No problems there’s always the next draw.

Winning Numbers US Mega Millions

winning the lottery


Speaking of the next US Mega Millions lottery draw, did you know that it actually jack potted again? Yep, nobody won the main prize so it’s now worth $128 million. Of course you realise that means I’m going to take another crack at it. I think I’ll use again as I’ve still got winnings in that account from my last lottery win.

I know I say this a lot but it’s important. You need to be in it to win it so get your ticket today.  :2tup:

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