Beware Emails That Tell You You’ve Won The Lottery

Hook, Line, Sinker (How I fell for a phishing scam)In my last post I wrote a post called Australian International Sweep Stake Lottery Scam and in that post I highlighted an email I received saying I had won a million US dollars. Quite a remarkable feat considering I never bought a lottery ticket. :tongue: I also said how I get this sort of email a lot and how it convinced me I should include them in my newly created Bullshit Lottery category. The reason for this is to warn people who get this type of email so they don’t get sucked in, because I know that many of them will search the internet as to the emails legitimacy.

How To Tell If You Won The Online Lottery

If you ever get an email saying that you have won the lottery theres a couple of questions you should be asking yourself to validate the veracity of the email.

  • Did you buy a lottery ticket from a reputable site such as, PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM or Oz Lotteries? If the answer is no then forget it, you didn’t win any lottery. They try to catch people out by telling them that they drew their email address out of a barrel or something, but that’s a whole lot of bullshit. All they are interested in is scamming you. Whatever you do, never reply to the email because this only confirms that they have happened on a legitimate address which will open up the doors for all sort of spam. 
  • If the answer is yes, you did buy your lottery ticket from one of the reputable sites I mentioned above then that email should also include details of the tickets you have purchased. This should be checked against your records by going online but do not do this by clicking on any link that is in the email just in case it takes you a forged site. Always enter the address in manually just to be on the safe side.

That’s pretty well it. If you follow these steps you will never get sucked in by a suspicious email. If you ever get one that you’re not sure about just email me at

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2 Responses to Beware Emails That Tell You You’ve Won The Lottery

  1. Adrienne says:

    That’s funny Sire because I get these email all the time telling me I’ve won the UK lottery. I’ve never played the lottery in my entire life. Okay, once but someone bought the ticket and gave it to me as a gift. Do they really think people fall for this? It just goes to my spam folder and I’m off on my merry way!

    Too funny but a good share.


    • LottoMan says:

      I’m sure people do get sucked in Adrienne because a lot of the time they’re told that their email was included in a random draw. Like most internet scams they are relying on people’s wish for easy money and unfortunately for them they don’t realise what they’re getting themselves into. :angel:

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