Black Friday Lottery Deal

Black Friday Lottery Deal

In my last post post I told you why you should be buying you lottery tickets online.  I mentioned how you should join more than one online lottery agent and one of the reasons was so you can take advantage of special deals. Today I have the perfect example, a special deal that is being offered by Their Black Friday Lottery deal.

Best Black Friday Lottery Deal

If you’re not familiar with Black Friday, its that special day that happens once a year. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and it means huge savings for everyone. It’s that special day in the US that kicks of the Christmas shopping season. It’s the day when almost every business in the US offer crazy deals to their customers.

This year has decided to get in on the act with their own Black Friday Lottery deal. The thing with Black Fridays is that these deals are so crazy that they’re only willing to offer them for one day. That’s why things get absolutely crazy out there in the shopping malls.

Aren’t we the lucky ones though. That we can have our little bit of Black Friday without all that hustle and bustle? Because we’ve decided to do out lottery shopping online. So what is that special Black Friday lottery deal that is offering? I’m so glad you asked!  :2tup:

[redbox]For 24 hours this coming Friday, this is what your players will be offered with –
NEW PLAYERS — Buy one ticket to ANY lottery on the site, and get TWO FREE!
EXISTING PLAYERS — 30% CashBack on all lottery tickets purchased during Black Friday
This offer is valid Friday, November 28, 2014 from 00:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT

So, there are two things to remember.

  1. This special deal only lasts for one day!
  2. It applies to any of the lottery tickets that is being sold on!

That means you can buy any ticket from anywhere in the world. Not getting anywhere from buying tickets from your country in residence? Maybe going offshore will bring you more luck. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to holiday over there with your winnings or even purchase a holiday home. Wouldn’t that be great.

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