When To Buy A Lottery Ticket Online

A question some may as is when to buy a lottery ticket let alone when to buy a lottery ticket online. The answer to the first one is whenever you feel like it or when the jackpot is so high that you can’t refuse a chance at winning all that money. As to when to buy a lottery ticket online, there are more than one answer to that question.

When To Buy A Lottery Ticket Online Answers

  1. When you couldn’t be stuffed to go out to buy it from your local lottery agent. When it’s too late or it’s raining cats and dogs or you’re just too damn tired.
  2. Because the lottery jackpot is so huge that you know there are going to be people lining up for one and you just don’t want the hassle.
  3. When the lottery you want to buy isn’t available to you because it’s in another country!

That last one is probably the most important answer to the question when to buy a lottery ticket online. Or more specifically why so many people are buying their lottery tickets online.

I represent a lot of online lottery ticket agents but the most popular one would have to be theLotter.com. This is because they are one of the oldest, since February 2002, online lottery agents and because they more large money winners than any other online lottery agent. This is really important to a lot of folk out there because they hope some of that luck will rub off on them.

I wrote about one of those major winners awhile back in a post called, TheLotter Flies Winner From Iraq To Collect Millions. That story just goes to show how far they are willing to go for their major lottery winners.

Then there’s this post that shows how theLotter.com has another huge winner.

That’s the beauty about buying lottery tickets online, when you join theLotter.com or one of the other sites that I represent, you will be able to buy lottery tickets online for almost any of the major world lotteries.

I’ve just bought my US Mega Millions lottery which at the time of writing this post had a jackpot worth $293 million! There’s no way I’m missing out on that money.

When To Buy A Lottery Ticket Online

I decided to use a Quick Pick for my shot at this weeks US Mega Millions Lottery. I figured if it was good enough for the Russian, because that’s how he won the Austria Lotto, it’s good enough for me. You can see my numbers in the image above. Notice I also went for the Megaplier, that way I can double my winnings. 😉 :tongue:

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