Buy A Online Lotto Ticket For A Chance Of Winning US$ 356,000,000

Man, I’ve just been notified by and PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM as to an up and coming MAJOR JACKPOT! Here is the message sent.


The U.S.A. – Mega Millions Is In Search of A Winner!

U.S.A. – Mega Millions continues to climb skyward with a current jackpot of US$ 356,000,000 in the upcoming draw!

Play the world’s biggest lottery, and take home the U.S.A. – Mega Millions dream prize this week!


Now that is what I call a jackpot! Needless to say I didn’t hesitate to purchase a ticket, as you can see by this image.

So, for a measly $12.50 I have a chance at winning $356 million. Heck, someone has to win it and it’s obvious from the size of the jackpot that it’s waiting for someone to win it, maybe that someone is me. If not me it could be you, so what are you waiting for? Oh, please take note that the draw date is the 27th of August so you better hurry before time runs out.

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