Do Online Lottery Tickets Win?

Do Online Lottery Tickets Win, Really?

This has to be the one question I get asked the most. Do online lottery tickets win their owners real cash! The answer is of course yes you can. Most of the online lottery ticket agencies I represent will display the most recent winners on their site. I took a screen shot of site which the very attractive blonde is displaying in the image below.

As you can see theLotter has to date paid out US$ 25,534,747 to 840,059 winners throughout the world! Out of the most recent winners someone in Latvia won € 849 in the Germany Lotto.

do online lottery tickets win

Wintrillions has a page dedicated to their winners. You will find a link to it on the lower right hand side of their site. Some of them have won sizeable amounts, which goes to show online lottery tickets do win. also show a moving display of their winners on the homepage.

But I know that’s not what you want to know when asking the all important question, Do Online Lottery Tickets Win? You want to know whether they win big and whether or not they actually get their money when they do win big. Well, after searching for some time I managed to find someone who did. I took a screenshot just for you guys.  :2tup:

online lotter ticket winner

I reckon winning a million dollars is a pretty big win wouldn’t you? This actually occurred in March 2012 and the young gentleman won second prize in the US Powerball. A UK resident he decided to join the online lottery ticket gang after seeing the frenzy from a recent Mega Millions draw. He figured why shouldn’t he be allowed to have a chance at winning millions in the US lottery. So he went online, joined and now he is a millionaire.

So, you see, there are lottery winners who buy their tickets online. The question is, will you be one of them? Heck, you could even join William Hill and bet on the outcome of a lottery.

Here are some resources that may help you in your quest to win the online lottery jackpot!

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