Don’t Miss Out On Your Chance To Win $22 Million

Many Australians love to play the lottery and although a lot of them play weekly there are many, such as myself, who only buy a lottery ticket when there is a SuperDraw. This weeks SuperDraw which will be drawn on Saturday 22nd of October. Speaking about all those others who buy a ticket every week I’ve heard that a lot of them will buy multiple tickets so as to increase their chances of winning the lottery. Personally I believe that if it’s your time to win the lottery then all you need is one ticket, the lucky lottery ticket.  :2tup:

Why Do So Many People Buy Lottery Tickets?

Maserati MC12This is not an unusual question and the obvious answer is that many believe winning the lottery will change their life forever. This is true for many of them but unfortunately many do not know how to handle having all that money at once and many tend to lose it a lot quicker than it took them to win it. I touched on this in my post What To Do With Your Lottery Winnings where I mentioned a couple of unfortunate people whose winnings didn’t last as long as they hoped it would. For many they probably would have been better off if they had never won it in the first place.

I think that these days more and more people are trying out their luck with the lottery system because they’re having such a hard time of it trying to live off of their wage. The current economic situation is making it a lot harder and it’s not helped any by some of the stupid schemes that our Government’s trying to incorporate. Like Julia Gillard’s stupid carbon tax, a tax that isn’t going to help the environment at all. All it’s going to do is drive the cost of living up making it a lot harder for the average Australian to survive and so many will try to change their fortune by purchasing a lottery ticket and what better time than during a Lottery SuperDraw?

How Do I Pay For My OzLotto Tickets Online?

Ferrari Superamerica 45 [Explored!]If you’re an Aussie the best way to buy your lottery ticket online is to join Oz Lotteries, that is unless you live in Queensland as Queenslanders for some reason are excluded. Once a member you can use any of the following credit cards; Visa, Mastercard or Diners Card. Other than paying by credit card you can also pay for it using your PayPal account. I prefer to pay for lottery tickets using PayPal as I find it both convenient and secure. You don’t have to be an Australian to take part in this lottery as almost anyone, apart from Americans, can play via the Oz Lottery site. If you live in Queensland or America and you wish to purchase an online lottery ticket for this SuperDraw you can do it via or even PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM.

There are many reasons to buy your lottery ticket online, I’ve mentioned a few in my Welcome To Buy Online Lottery Tickets post. My favourite reason is that once you bought an online lottery ticket from a respected online lottery agent you don’t ever have to worry about losing your ticket. You’d be surprised how many people have thought they won the lottery only to discover they couldn’t find the winning ticket. Believe it or not I’ve even written a post about it called Can You Afford To Lose Your Lottery Ticket?  🙂

Anyway, like they say, you have to be in to win it and I’m not about to let my chance to win $22 million slip buy. Are you? Heck winning the lottery is probably the only way we’ll ever be able to afford a Ferrari or even a Maserati.

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