Draw 3203 Australia’s $21 Million Superdraw

Yes, you read it right, another Superdraw is about to happen, this one, draw# 3203, will be drawn on Saturday the 31st March 2012! It’s worth $21 million so its nothing to sneeze at. Being an Aussie I’ll be using Oz Lotteries to purchase my ticket as it’s the cheapest option. Even though you don’t have to be an Aussie to purchase a ticket online there are a very few countries who aren’t illegible, The US being one of them. If you’re unable to purchase a ticket via the Oz Lotteries site I’ve written a post that not only tells you where you can buy your tickets online it also gives you some very good reasons for doing so.

Oz Lotteries Member Benefits

There are certain benefits for being an Oz Lotteries member, the obvious one being that you get notified after ever draw as to your ticket’s results. You can even go online to check the results which is really cool as all the winning numbers are highlighted. No more wondering if you’ve checked your ticket properly. 🙂

As a member you usually earn points when you purchase a ticket, points that can be used to save you money on your next purchase. I say usually because there are certain situations when you’re not allocated any points, say for example when you’re offered a special deal on a particular draw. Which brings me to my next point. As a member I’ve received a special offer and the points can’t be used with this offer. As to the offer, here it is.

Thank you for your interest the OzLotteries Superdraw Special Offer
for the AU$21 Million Superdraw on 31 March 2012.

Here’s how it works:

  1. There are 8,145,060 possible combinations of 6 numbers from 45 – which is what you need to match to win Division 1.
  2. We have broken these games down into 18,100 unique groups of 450 games, plus 1 group of 60 games.
  3. One of these unique sets of 450 games has been reserved for you.
  4. You can choose to purchase your set of games at any time up to 7:00pm* on Saturday, 31 March (AET).
  5. If you decide to purchase these games the set will be entered into the Superdraw after your payment has been received.
  6. If you do not purchase these entries by the cut off time then the games will not be processed (and you won’t be entitled to any of the prizes that these games may have won).
  7. If you accept the first set of games you will have the opportunity to purchase additional sets if you wish (subject to availability).

5 percent discount on Special offer

We are also offering you a 5% discount on these games
So don’t miss out!
Not a bad offer but not one that I wish to take up at this time, but still it was nice of them to keep me in mind.
Having said that I’m not going to miss out on my chance at that $21 million so I’ve just purchased my ticket online, a completely painless process made even easier because I used PayPal to pay for it. I played 16 games and it only cost me $13.60.

The beauty of it all is that I don’t think you can actually buy the tickets from a retail outlet yet. I couldn’t even find a link to it online. The only reason I was able to buy a ticket was because I was able to follow the link given me in the email.

Have you bought your ticket yet? When you do how will you pick your numbers? Will you use the easy pick feature as I did or do you have a set of special numbers that you use? Perhaps you use some software to pick your lucky numbers? Whatever method you use I wish you the best of luck with this Superdraw.

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