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Yeah, I know this is a lottery site, but I wanted to take the time to introduce you to another blog of mine. The blog is called ezesportsbetting.com. Like this blog Easy Sports Betting is all about showing my readers how easy it is to place a bet on your favourite sports online.

Like this blog I don’t just talk about how easy it is to do that, I physically show them. I’ve joined several online sports betting sites so that I could actually test them to see how good they are. Just like I do here when it comes to buying lottery tickets online.  😎

Like here I also recommend my readers to join more than one online sports betting sites and that basically for the same reasons as well.

  1. So you always have access to an online agent, whether lottery or sport, and don’t have to worry about one being offline for whatever reason.
  2. So you can take advantage of special deals when they’re on offer
  3. So you can take advantage of the best odds

I also wanted to make Easy Sports Betting a blog that would offer my readers so much more than just providing them with the best online sports betting sites to join. I wanted to make it entertaining as well as informative. For that Reason I’ve added several categories to entice my avid sports betting fans to come back time and time again.They include the following Easy Sports Betting Categories.

Easy Sports Betting Topics Of Interest

  • Hot Sports Babes: My hot sports babes posts are by far the most popular of my posts, some of them getting thousands of views! Take the Hot Sports Netball Babes post as an example. That post alone has received over 8000 views! I even started a Hot Sports Hunks category but that hasn’t taken off much at all. Not enough women into easy sports betting perhaps?  :wknows:
  • Sports Jokes: To further entertain my readers easy sports betting also has a funny sports jokes section where I post what I believe to be funny jokes that are sports related.
  • Betting Jargon: Being totally honest with my readers I mentioned right from the start that I am a sports betting newbie. That being the case there have been occasions when I’ve come across some not so easy sports betting terminology. When that happens I research the topic and then write about it in order to help other sports betting newbies.
  • Sports Betting News: So as to keep my readers up to date I occasionally do posts on what I believe to be the most interesting sports betting news. Strangely enough the most popular post is the one on the top 5 hot sports babes in the news today.
  • Lady Luck: I introduced Lady Luck, Fortuna, to my readers to help them decide which sports betting site to join as well as giving them a fun way of deciding whether or not they should place a sports bet.
  • Special Lottery Draws: I figure why not. Punters like to bet so they would probably love to take a shot at some of the major lottery draws. My latest post introduces them to the $450 Million USA Powerball Jackpot.

Speaking of lottery draws, that one would be a good one to get your hands on wouldn’t it? There’s still a little time left to get your ticket. I got my ticket, partly show I could show my easy sports betting readers that I do more than just promote a lottery site. I actually use their services. To prove the point I display evidence of the sale as proof.

Easy sports betting lottery ticket


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