EuroMillions Lottery Results

You know, I just knew someone would win it this time. I’m talking about the latest EuroMillions lottery which hit a high of €185,000,000! That’s a pretty good haul by anyones standards. By checking out the EuroMillions lottery results it seems that the prize pool was shared by two luck winners. They get to collect €93,968,807 each. Good luck to them I say, Just goes to show what could happen if you only take the chance and buy a ticket. That’s why they say you have to be in it to win it.

Talking about being in it to win it, you may remember that I told you I was in a lottery syndicate via the Wintrillions lottery site. Well, as it turned out we won the biggest prize yet to date. A whole €105.2. My share? A whole €0.45. Hey! Thats better than nothing right?  :tup: Oh well, at least it’s showing that you definitely have more chance of winning something if you’re in a syndicate, because I’m winning more often than when I buy tickets on my own.

EuroMillions Lottery Results With Dividends

EuroMillions Lottery ResultsOK, so lets take a look at those results shall we? You can see it over there on the right, the one with the smiling dude pointing to it. Gee, by looking at the big grin on that guys face anyone would think that he won the damn thing.  😆

So, how did you go? I hope you managed to get something. If not the good thing is there’s always next time. Take the smiling dudes advice and click on the image so you don’t miss out on the next draw. The beauty about getting your tickets online is that you have access to any major lottery in the world.

Perhaps you would like a shot at the US MegaMillions which is worth US$61 million. Or maybe the SuperEna lotto, which is worth €40,100,000 is more your speed. Then again there is always the Australian Oz Lotto which is currently at AU$50,000,000.

That’s what I love about getting your lottery tickets online. You have such a large selection of lotteries to choose from. Lotteries from all over the world. How cool is that?  :2tup: Oh, you also have to work out which lottery agent to use. Will you choose, or any of the other agents displayed in the sidebar? It doesn’t really matter which lottery or which agent, as long as you get yourself a ticket.


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