Euromillions & US PowerBall Jackpots Yet Again

Man, oh man, I don’t believe it! Two of the world’s major lotteries remain winless which means that once again they will jackpot! So, don’t be sorry that you didn’t win the last draw, rather be happy that you now have a chance to win even more money.  :2tup: Before we take a look at the new jackpot amounts I reckon we should look at the last draw winning numbers as well as the dividends.

Euromillions Results Draw # 2012/61 31 July2012

Shit, I telly you what, I would have been very happy even with winning the second prize. Now for the USA PowerBall results.

USA PowerBall Results Draw # 2012/61 1st August

Well, shut my mouth and call me a dumb ass Aussie if I would turn back the second prize in the USA PowerBall, especially If I had played the PowerPlay feature, which I did. That would have won me a cool two million buckaroos. Sweet! Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Still, I don’t car because I’m going for gold as I’m buying a ticket in both the Euromillions and the USA PowerBall because I’m not about to pass up a chance out of winning all that cash. So, what are those two individual draws worth? I am so glad you asked.  :tup:

Euromillions Jackpots To €176,000,000

Now, wouldn’t that be a nice tidy sum to win. Of course it would. All you have to do to purchase a ticket is to click on the banner below which will take you to PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM. If you wish to play using one of the other online lottery agents I’ll be placing links to them at the end of the post.

USA PowerBall Jackpots To US  $181,000,000

All those zeros looks pretty good don’t they, and then they go and add a 181 in front of them and it looks so much better. :tongue: For your chance to win your share of the US PowerBall just click on the image below which will take you to the site. This is the one I’m using but if it’s not the agent  you prefer you may want to try one of the others below.


Other than and PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM the only other site I would recommend would be, especially now as they are offering a 10% discount on tickets purchased on Euromillions and Euromillions UK!

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