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The reason for writing this particular post is partly to remind everyone that because nobody won the US Powerball last week it did what it always does when nobody wins it, it jackpots. The latest estimated jackpot value for the US Powerball is a cool $208 million! Yep you read that right, a cool  $208,000,000, which as you can see is a lot of zeros, only these zeros actually add up to something.  :party:

The other reason for this post is to introduce you to GiantLottos, the latest online lottery agent that I’ve come across. I’ve been asked by a few people why I give my readers so many options when it comes to choosing an online lottery agents and the simple reason is that people like to be able to choose between several options. If this wasn’t the case stores would only stock one brand of TV’s or one brand of baked means. Just ask yourself how long you would stay in a store if they didn’t offer you a selection of products to choose from. Besides, like I mention later on in the post, people such as myself will even join more than one agent as this gives them a lot more options to choose from when it comes to buying lottery tickets online.

  2. Oz Lotteries
  5. Wintrillions
  6. GiantLottos

As you can see that brings it to a total of six online lottery agencies where you can buy your lottery tickets from. The fact that more and more people are now buying their lottery tickets online just goes to show how, as time goes by, more and more people are starting to see the advantages of purchasing their tickets online. I listed the top five reasons for doing so in the post.

Review Of GiantLottos

Naturally the best way to review a site is to join it and I figured having a go at winning the US PowerBall jackpot is a good enough reason for joining and seeing what these guys have to offer. Naturally, like all lottery sites I’ve come across so far, there is no joining fee. Also like the other lottery sites you need to deposit money into your account before you can purchase a ticket. You can deposit money via Moneybookers or via Visa, Solo or Mastercard credit cards. For the first deposit I used my Visa card but for future deposits I’ll be using Moneybookers as I feel this is the more secure option. Security is important to me which is one of the reasons I use PayPal whenever I purchase anything online. Anyway, depositing money was relatively simple, as you would expect it to see.

I used the Quick Pick option and three tickets cost me £ 10.50. Upon hitting the submit button I got the following message;

Thank you. Your order has been received and processed and a confirmation receipt emailed to you. Your completed order is also reflected within your account transaction history. 


Wishing you the very best of luck with your ticket entries!

I got the confirmation email within seconds which also recorded the numbers I had chosen. So far a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, I feel that they can improve certain things about their lottery site. What I didn’t mention is that this is actually the second purchase I made with them. The first purchase was for the last US Powerball jackpot. Unlike some of the other sites I did not get any notification at all of my results. Apparently they will notify you of any winning entries but I feel it would be nice to get notified even if you lose. Out of all the Online Lottery Agents I reckon that Oz Lotteries does it the best when it comes to giving members lottery results to its members.

Having said that I did notice something that was unique to GiantLottos and that is their Refer And Win section of their website.

How does it work?
For EVERY Friend you refer, we give YOU £30 of Proplayer credits on your Friend’s1st deposit. AND we’ll also pay YOU, 1% of your Friend’s Jackpot winnings.

If 4 of your Friends to sign up and deposit funds, you automatically receive £120 into your ProPlayer balance.

One of your Friend s then plays and wins the next £52,000,000 Euromillions jackpot.  (Remember, we pay YOU 1% of your friends Jackpot winnings).  A £52,000,000 Euromillions jackpot would equal £520,000.00 to YOU!

The only question is just how many Friends do you have…!!!

Strangely enough I unknowingly had  £20 of Proplayer credits in my account so I’m assuming they were deposited their as a thankyou for joining. I’m assuming that you use these credits to purchase tickets online which is a really good incentive for inviting friends to play. Having them pay you a small percentage every time someone you refer wins is a nice little added bonus.

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Like Wintrillions they also have a section that allows you to join a syndicate, and as my post on Syndicates shows, lottery syndicates do increase your chances of winning  which I feel makes this a positive when considering to join.

All in all I feel GiantLottos, even though they do not offer as many world lottery options, is worth having a look at. I’ll will be including them in my lottery arsenal because I believe in not putting all my eggs in one basket. Having more than one option is always a good idea because if one or more goes down for whatever reason, I’ll never miss on on a major draw because I’ve allowed myself other options.


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