How To Get Discount For The Oz Lotto JackPot

Do you live in Queensland or America and are having trouble buying a ticket online in the $100 million Oz Lotto using the Oz Lotteries site? Doesn’t seem fair when everyone else can do it does it? Well, if you’ve found this page then you’ve learned something that those who have subscribed to my List have known for ages, that sites exist who will allow you to buy your lottery tickets online. I’ve listed those sites in my introductory post called, funnily enough, Welcome To Buy Online Lottery Tickets!  :tongue:

In my last post I mentioned how had offered a discount on the $70 million Oz Lotto game and how if we were lucky they might do the same thing again. Well, they have only this time they’re offering a huge 40% discount on one-time entries in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto. You have to admit that is a pretty sweet deal by anyones standard.  :2tup:

Oz Lotto Discount

In case you’re wanting to buy your lottery tickets using PayPal Oz Lotteries is the only way to go.

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