How To Pick Lottery Numbers

There are some pretty big lottery jackpots happening this week, and I thought this would be a great time to get ideas on how to pick lottery numbers. But before we do that, why don’t we have a look at some of those spectacular jackpots.

Latest Biggest Lottery Jackpots

how to pick lottery numbers

On the top of the list we have the US Mega Millions at a cool $267 million. Next on the list is the Italian Super Star which is worth € 114 million. Only slightly behind the Super Star is Italy’s Super EnaLotto at € 112 million!

Now, while Japan’s Loto 7 is worth ¥ 600 million, I’m not sure what a Yen is worth. Hang on a sec while I as my Google Home. OK, Google has informed me that translates to just under US$ 6 million, so I reckon we’ll give that one a miss. 😀

Both Spain’s EuroMillions and Austria EuroMillions is worth € 39 Million and then we go Down Under where the Aussie Powerball has jack potted to $40 Million.

I know for sure that has access to all of these and so many my online lotteries. You can also try and PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM.

How To Pick Lottery Numbers

Now, back to how to pick lottery numbers. There are so many ways that people pick their lottery numbers. Some use family birthdays. Others use lucky numbers; others choose numbers according to their Zodiac sign. Who knows how many people use the Quick Pick feature. I know I am one of those and the only reason I do it is that it’s so easy.

Easy Pick Is The Worst Way To Pick Lotto Numbers

Well, I’ve just discovered that using easy pick, or ‘quick pick’ is the worst thing you can do. This very relevant bit of information is from Richard Lustig, a seven-time lottery grand prize winner. Lustig, who has been playing the lotteries for 25 years has come up with a method which he claims to have helped him win those seven huge lottery prizes.

The most crucial bit of information is not to just ‘quick-picks.’ You can read the full article here.

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