How To Spend Your Lottery Winnings

When I first started this blog I wanted to make it a one stop lottery site. By this I mean that if someone comes to this ste wanting to find something to do with the lottery then I want to make sure they find it. That’s why I joined Hit Sniffer, so that I can use its advanced analytics to see what search terms people are using to find this site. Although finding ways to spend your lottery winnings isn’t all that big on the list the fact is that people are using it to find me and are leaving disappointed because I haven’t satisfied their curiosity. That being the case I have decided to start a new category, Spending Your Winnings. Naturally, if you’re lucky enough to win any major prize the most important thing to do is to invest the major part of it so that you can live on the income from the investment. Anything that’s left over can be used to buy outrageously expensive gifts or just to treat yourself by buying stuff you would never have bought before.

So, you finally win the lottery, you’ve invested your money wisely and you’re still left with more money than you’ve ever seen before. The first thing you’re probably going to want to do is to go out on the town, in another country. :tongue: Of course you’re going to want to smell right in case you meet that special someone one and the best way to do that is to put one some Clive Christian Imperial Majesty for men and at only $435,000 for a 16.9 oz bottle. Yep, that’s right, $435,000 and they tell me it’s worth every drop. Makes you sort of wonder how many drops in 16.9 oz and how much it’s worth by drop doesn’t it. Shit why work it out, you just won the lottery, you can pay a mathematician to work it out for you.

Everything about this perfume speaks of quality, from the Baccarat Crystal to the 5 carat diamond. Sounds good doesn’t it, and I reckon it’s your lucky day too because Amazon still has one left. I read somewhere that they even deliver it in a Rolls Royce! Check out some of the Reviews and learn a little more about this remarkable perfume from Amazon. This is definitely something you won’t find on eBay, unless someone’s going broke and selling theirs for some extra cash


After reading some of the reviews of the Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume for men I got the impression that most of them have  never ever actually owned a botte. Just imagine, you could leave the first honest review. Now wouldn’t that be something? :2tup:


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