Is Lottobroker A Scam? Can They Be Trusted?

Is Lottobroker A Scam?

Dont trust LottobrokerIs Lottobroker a scam? This is the first question I asked myself before I considered representing them as an affiliate. I’m sure the question ‘Is Lottobroker a scam’ is the first thing people consider before even thinking about joining them.

Naturally the first thing I did was scan the web for any negative feedback. Failing that I joined up to test them to make sure they were worthy of recommendation. Once I was happy with their performance I decided it was safe to represent them.

Everything was fine for a couple of years. I won small prizes and they paid them out as I thought they would. I even received my commissions on a regular basis. And then it all started to go downhill.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Lottobroker

Last September I was due for an affiliate payment. When it didn’t come in I emailed support. It took a few emails and when I finally got a response it was that they were having some issues and that I would get payment in October.

It’s now February and not only am I still waiting for payment but their affiliate website is now offline and has been offline for months!

can you trust
Even their affiliate link, which you’ll find on their homepage, doesn’t work. After doing some Googling I found that I am not the only affiliate that these guys have ripped off. Is Lottobroker a scam? While their site looks legitimate enough, one has to ask oneself…[highlight]  If they’re willing to rip off their affiliates, will they actually pay you your winnings?  [/highlight]

Imagine! You’ve tried so hard for so long to win the lottery and when you finally win it you’re left wondering, will Lottobroker pay you your money? Remember they’re quite happy not to pay their affiliates. Note also, unlike, which I wrote about here, there is no evidence anywhere of where they’ve actually paid out any big winners!

Is lottobroker a scam

I don’t know about you but I no longer trust Lottobroker. How can I trust a company that willingly chooses to rip off their affiliates. If you’re thinking of joining Lottobroker I urge you not to. If you’re already a member then I suggest you no longer waste your time and hard earned money on them. You’re much better off with sites like and

Lottobroker is a scam

I suppose by now you get that I don’t trust Lottobroker. You may be wondering why I have so many banners in this post. Well they do say that an image paints a thousand words. There’s also the fact that Google loves images and every one of these banners has alt tags filled with keywords that I hope will attract Google’s attention.

Lottobroker Scams affiliates

OK, the grammar in that last banner isn’t the best but I reckon the message is still clear, DON’T TRUST LOTTOBROKER!

Lottobroker is a scamThe problem I have now is that I have so many posts where I have recommended them to be a trustworthy site. It would take me forever to edit all those links out.

Lucky for me I have a plugin that used to direct all links to Lottobroker. All I have to do is to direct them to this post. So every time someone clicks on one of those links it will direct them to this post.

And what will they learn when they get here? The answer to that age long question ‘Is Lottobroker A Scam?’

They will learn that you can’t trust Lottobroker. With any luck this post will warn them away from joining Lottobroker. If they’re already a customer they will learn the true nature of the untrustworthy Lottobroker and they will no longer use them to purchase their lottery tickets online using this very scrupulous site.

I don’t know how many times I can stress…..

Don’t Trust Lottobroker!

Lottobroker, the online lottery site that you can’t trust.

OK, that’s my rant over and I feel a lot better now that I have warned people away from them. Have you had a negative experience with Lottobroker as a customer or as an affiliate? If you have, just leave a comment.



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