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Yes, you heard me right, you can all stop emailing me now because you now have access to Italy’s Superenalotto Super Star lottery! How you ask? Well, it’s now available via! If you’re not a member yet it’s easy to become a member and remember it’s free to join.

For those of you who are wondering what all the fuss is about it’s because up until now people only had access to Italy’s SuperEnalotto and while they like playing that one they really wanted to have a shot at their Superenalotto because It’s the Italian lottery game most players know and love and there is good reason for it too because it has one extra number that sends the cash winnings through the roof!

The Super Star extra number is selected from a separate drum with an identical guess range of 1 -90 and adds. This adds 8 new prize categories as well as millions more into SuperEnalotto’s already juicy jackpots. It also multiplies prizes by up to x100 and combined it’s no wonder that it is Italy’s favourite lottery game. Here’s a bit of history straight from theLotter site.

History Of Italy’s Super Star Lottery

The SuperEnalotto represents one of Europe’s most successful and longest-running lotteries boasting over 60 years of winning history. Italy’s popular Enalotto began in the 1950’s and was taken over in 1996 by SISAL, a private betting and gaming management company, which gave the lottery a new look and feel. SuperEnalotto Super Star was launched in its current format in 1997 by Rodolfo Molo, the son of one of SISAL’s original founders with the goal of creating a lottery game with a user-friendly format and massive jackpots.

The first SuperEnalotto Super Star draw took place on December 3rd, 1997 and became an instant hit. Since then, the SuperEnalotto series has continued to make history, splitting its proceeds between SISAL, the Italian Government and various charitable organizations.

Until 2009, the lottery’s six winning numbers were taken from the results of the first numbers drawn from lottery games played in the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, and Rome (with Venice’s lottery providing the bonus number). Later that year, SuperEnalotto adopted a more traditional drawing format, holding one draw for the six winning numbers and the “Jolly” (bonus) number and a separate draw for the optional “SuperStar” (additional) number.

Rules and Prizes

SuperEnalotto Super Star enables fans of the classic SuperEnalotto lottery to play the familiar game with the added benefits of the Super Star additional number. To play, fill in two lines with a 6 number selection from the standard SuperEnalotto guess range of 1-90. A bonus number (Jolly) will be selected at the time of draw. The Jolly number is drawn from the same drum as the regular number selection. In the event that a guess set matches 5 numbers and the bonus number, the player will be entitled to secondary prizes.

The Super Star additional number is selected from a separate drum with an identical guess range of 1-90. The Super Star adds major cash prizes to SuperEnalotto’s five existing prize categories and creates three new prize categories of its own, for a total of 13 different ways to win!

The benefits of the Super Star include: an addition of €2 million to a SuperEnaloto jackpot prize, an addition €1 million to SuperEnalotto’s second prize, the multiplication of other prize categories by 25-100 times, and a cash prize for players who successfully guess the Super Star alone. To see SuperEnalotto Super Star prize categories, please visit Lottery Info .

To see how the Super Star affects the SuperEnalotto prize categories, consult the chart below:

6+Super Star SuperEnalotto jackpot+ €2 Million
6 SuperEnalotto
5+1+Super Star SuperEnalotto+€1 Million
5+ Super Star SuperEnalotto prize x 25
5+1 SuperEnalotto
5 SuperEnalotto
4+Super Star SuperEnalotto prize x 100
4 SuperEnalotto
3+Super Star SuperEnalottox100
3 SuperEnalotto
2+ Super Star €100
1+ Super Star €10
0+ Super Star €5

Players can participate in SuperEnalotto Super Star with a one-time entry of 2 lines or a systematic form of 8-10 numbers to play all possible combinations of their lucky numbers. Select your numbers manually, use Quick Pick, or draw your number selection from your saved numbers in your account.

Draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays at 8:00 PM, closing an average of 3 hours prior on the site. Take advantage of the SuperEnalotto Super Star’s phenomenal prize potential with a Subscription or Multi-Draw package for incredible discounts!


SuperEnalotto SuperStar continues to attract fans from around the world for its impressive, uncapped jackpots starting and tax-free status.

Some of the SuperEnalotto’s historical jackpots include: €71,767,565 in May of 2005, €100,756,197 in October of 2008, €147,807,299 in August of 2009, and the world’s largest jackpot of €177,800,000 (US$247,943,104) in October of 2010.


Due to its universal popularity, an industry of websites and number selectors claiming to offer the best odds for SuperEnalotto and SuperEnalotto SuperStar’s unique 1-90 guess range both for the regular guesses and additional number, has sprouted up in the wake of these lotteries. Players should keep in mind that there is no formula to win, and the best strategy is to choose a variety of numbers which you consider lucky or have personal significance for you.

That’s it, now it’s up to you….do you feel lucky?

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