It’s Not Over, Euromillions And US PowerBall Jackpots Yet Again!

This is bloody unbelievable guys, once again no-one’s won the US PowerBall or the Euromillions which is great news because that means we all have another shot at both of these major lotteries. First, let’s look at the results, starting with the results  for the Euromillions.

Yep, no major winnings but who would knock back € 691,478? Not me that’s for sure. Now, let’s check out the results for the US PowerBall.

Again, winning second prize of a million dollars, two million if you used the powerplay feature, is nothing to sneeze at. I coud think of a lot of things I could do with that, like a real nice Ferrari for example. :2tup:

Ferrari Superamerica 45 [Explored!]

Yeah, I can just see me driving that baby through Europe. What’s that you reckon I need more money to drive through Europe  in my Ferrari? Nah, I could do it with that $2,000,000, because don’t forget I always use the powerplay feature.  :tongue: But forget that, because I’m going to have another go at those two jackpots. The first one up for grabs is the Euromillions.  That baby is worth a cool € 190 million and I’m not going to miss out on having a shot at that one. Naturally I’m also having a go at the US PowerBall because I’m not about to miss out on my chance of winning US$ 220 million. Shit, if I was to win either of those jackpots I could have a whole garage of exotic cars in several counties too.

Shorter Mansion

Shorter Mansion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Too much?   😎 Who knows maybe I’ll win both jackpots  😆 That would be something, and even though it’s unlikely it is a possibility and I do have a chance because I’ll have tickets. Have you got yours? Don’t forget, you have to be in it to win it. Your best bets for buying your lottery tickets online. I recommend, and use,, PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM and for those of you who love to use PayPal there is Edit: Unfortunately this is no longer the case as they no longer accept PayPal.

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