If you had to choose one lottery site that serviced all the main online lotteries around the globe it would have to be They’ve been operating since 1996 and in that time they’ve developed a site that allows their members to access the world’s biggest lottery draws. These include USA Mega Millions, SuperEnaLotto, US Powerball, Euro Millions and the list goes on. The most important thing that every user needs to know is they can buy their lottery tickets online via a secure form.

From what I can see they are all about the customer as they know how important customer relations are. Apart from making it easy to navigate the site they ‘provide a variety of products, services and lottery information together with a log of your own personal activity on this site.’ Heck, they’re even willing to listen to customers suggestions and comments via email. There is also no need to worry about language problems as they offer several language options onsite as well as employing a multi-lingual E-mail Customer Support Team that are happy to assist people within 48 hours.

Not sure what lottery to play? Simply click on the Lottery Search tab and you will be presented with the following.

From there it is really straight forward, select your continent, then country and then the lottery service and from there you follow the simple instructions and you’re good to go.

Here are some links to the more popular lottery sites.

  • Euro Millions: A European lottery that takes place twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday evenings. This lottery has a huge price pool because where other lotteries are generally limited to the residents of one country, the Euro Millions lottery pools the stakes of several participating European countries. If a prize pool isn’t won it will be rolled over jack potting the next one and the jackpots can become quite large sometimes reaching the 185 million Euros.
  • SuperEnalotto: This is the very popular Italian lottery with jackpots starting at 1.3 million euros. To win this lottery you have to pick 6 winning numbers from 90, whereas this makes winning a little harder it’s the main reason why the jackpots are so huge.
  • U.S.A Mega Millions: Drawn every Tuesday and Fridays this lottery has been know to reach jackpots close to $400 million. The object of Mega Millions is pick a total of six numbers and hope that the numbers drawn match the ones you picked. You can either choose to specify the numbers yourself by selecting five distinct numbers between 1 and 56, and one “Mega Ball” number between 1 and 46.  The Mega Ball can be the same as one of the first five numbers, because it is drawn from a separate number pool from the first five numbers.

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