Lottery Results EuroMillions & USA PowerBall

Hey, guess what guys? You remember my last post where I was telling you about the EuroMillions and USA PowerBall JackPots? Well, nobody has won them so the jackpots have reached even newer highs.  :2tup: But before we get to that let’s check those results shall we?

 Europe EuroMillions Results Draw 2012/45 5th June 2012

EuroMillions JackPot Results

Results US PowerBall Draw 2012/45 6th June 2012

PowerBall lottery results

Now that is great news because you’ve still a shot at winning the big bucks. The EuroMillions is now worth € 156,000,000, which is up   € 24,000,000, and the US PowerBall in now worth US$ 205,000,000, up US$ 28,000,000! As in the last post you’ve still got a day left to buy a ticket in the EuroMillions and two days to buy a lottery ticket in the US PowerBall. Don’t forget all the advantages you get by buying your tickets online either, and the best places to get your lottery tickets online include;

  • PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM: Note, last time I looked these guys had a 50% off sale on their PowerBall tickets. Act fast before it ends!

As to who can take part in these lotteries, the answer is almost anybody. That means It doesn’t matter if you’re an Australian, an American or whatever, if you join, or are a member of one of those sites you can buy a ticket in any of the world’s major lotteries. This means that you no longer have to be envious of the people from other countries because they have a shot at the big prizes and you don’t.

Just in case you’re the sort who like to rub a lucky four leaf clover or something I’ve gone hunting and found one for you  :BC I sure hope it works. Good luck guys.

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