Lottery Results For Euromillions And US PowerBall

OK guys it looks like nobody has won either the Euromillions or the US PowerBall, and you know what that means don’t you? Yep, both of those lotteries will jackpot giving us another chance at winning some real cash. Before we get to how much the prize pools in those lotteries are worth lets look at the results for the ones we missed out on.

Results USA PowerBall Draw # 2012/59 25th July

I only got one number so I’m eager to get a ticket in the next draw. Now, lets look at the Euromillions resutls.

Results Euromillions Draw # 2012/59 24th July

Again I didn’t win but that’s cool because no-one else did either so I’m, and you guys, are in for another chance. So what is the Jackpot in these lotteries up to. I’m so glad you asked.  :tongue:

Euromillions And US PowerBall Jackpots To Over 135 million

First prize in the Euromillions Lottery is now up to 135 million Euros.

First prize in the USA PowerBall Lottery is now up to US$ 139 million. Pretty good huh? The question is which online lottery agent are you going to use to get your lottery tickets online? PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM looks pretty interesting for the Euromillions lottery

 I’ve been getting heaps of emails asking about lottery ticket specials well you can’t get better than 50% off any tickets purchased between now and the 12th August. This is because in celebration of the Olympics they are offering 50% off all UK Lottery tickets for the entire duration of the Olympic Games!

All you have to do is place your entries in the usual manner and the cost will be automatically adjusted. It’s never been easier to win olympic-sized jackpots as right now!

As for the PowerBall, you may consider in order to take advantage of their PowerPlay feature. If you remember from my previous posts PowerPlay can double your winnings from any of the lower dividends. Check out the PowerBall results to see what I mean.

Then again, you may want to purchase you tickets using funds from your PayPal account, and if that is the case then you want to get your tickets from Which one am I going to use? I’m actually going to take advantage of the discount at PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM for Euromillions lottery and use PayPal to buy my PowerBall ticket at Which one are you going to use?

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