Mega Millions Syndicate Increases Winning Chance

Can you believe it? The US Mega Millions just keeps rolling over and today’s AUD $676 Million jackpot is now the 7th largest in history! Now I’m not the one to miss out on such an opportunity. The opportunity to become on of the world’s newest millionaires! I know there are heaps of people out there who say the odds of winning the lottery are so big that it’s not worth buying a lottery ticket. The facts are they’re the ones that will never win the lottery because you have to be in it to win it.

Mega Millions Join Online Syndicate To Increase Odds Of Winning

Mega Millions SyndicateI know the odds are slim and that’s why I joined an online lottery syndicate with! Yep, the whole globe is buzzing with excitement as millions of lottery players around the world are scrambling to get tickets for this epic draw. Most are pulling their hair out as they join huge cues in order to get their tickets. There will even be a whole sleuth of them who will be tearing their hair out because they didn’t want to join those cues or they did manage too buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket only to lose it or to find it went through the wash! :tdwn:

Not me though! Not only did I buy my Mega Millions ticket online with, I also joined a syndicate to increase my chances of winning.

Believe me, you don’t miss on this chance to change your life forever! Pick your lucky numbers NOW and you could win the jackpot of your dreams. Tickets closing soon.

Here’s the email they sent me to confirm my Mega Millions Syndicate purchase!

Dear Peter,

Thank you for playing your favourite lotteries with!

This email is to confirm your Syndicate participation in the U.S. –

Mega Millions draw scheduled for 8 Jul 2016, (confirmation no. 20160708442878).

Please find additional details below:

Syndicate Total Shares Your Shares
Random Selection
(1000 Lines) 385 1
During the purchase, you deposited $12.41

So, I have my Mega Millions ticket. Have you got yours?

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