Mega Millions World’s Biggest Jackpot

Yep, the US Mega Millions World’s Biggest jackpot after nobody was able to guess the right numbers. In case you missed it you can see the winning numbers as well as the prize breakdown in the image below.

Mega Millions World's Biggest Jackpot

What is really interesting is the Megaplier payout per winner. Notice how the Megaplier payout is a lot higher than the normal payout. That’s why I always pay the extra when purchasing the Mega Millions online.

One of the things I love about buying my lottery tickets online is the fact that I get notified of just how my lottery tickets performed. Take for instance the followup email.
theLotter – play the world’s biggest lotteries anywhere anytime

Dear Peter,

Thank you for playing your favourite lotteries with!

Your $0.30 win in the U.S. –  Mega Millions Syndicate for draw 2016/48 (confirmation no.20160612407526) has been transferred to your account on the site!

We invite you to continue your winning streak and try your luck again at any of the exciting jackpots available on!

Had a good winning experience with Tell A Friend about why you play lotteries online at and earn US$10 in bonus money!

Wishing you the best of luck in the lotteries!

Accounting Department

Then, when going online I saw this.

Mega Millions World’s Biggest Jackpot My Entry

Mega Millions World's Biggest Jackpot

Notice how my winning numbers were highlighted for me. Cool huh? No more having to worry if I checked my numbers properly. Definitely no more having to worry about losing a winning lottery ticket. Imagine how devastating that would be? You can see the ticket they purchased for me in the top right of the above image.

In the bottom right you’ll notice that the Mega Millions World’s Biggest Jackpot is now worth $310 million dollars. How can you not have a punt at winning that? If you’re not a theLotter member you can join by clicking the above image or simply click on this link.

There is just one last screenshot that I would like to show you.

Mega Millions World's Biggest Jackpot winners

You’ll notice from that image that I only purchase tickets when there is a huge jackpot. You’ll also notice that the three minor wins I’ve had were syndicate wins. We all know that the more tickets you buy the greater the chance of winning a prize. Unfortunately that costs a lot of money, unless you join a syndicate. Luckily has that facility.

Naturally, because Mega Millions is the World’s Biggest Jackpot I’m definitely going to get me a ticket and I’m also getting involved in a syndicate. Are you going to have a go at winning some of that cash?

I’ll tell you about the results in the next post.

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