Million Dollar US Powerball Up For grabs

You all know how much I love it when there is a huge jackpot up for grabs. That’s the only time I actually buy a lottery ticket. Can you smell that money in the air? I can all $359 million of it.

359 Million Dollar US Powerball Could Be Yours

Million Dollar US PowerballYep, that $359 Million is just waiting there for some lucky person to grab it. The best thing is you don’t even have to be a US citizen or live in the US to win it. Not that long ago an Iraqi man was flown to America when he had a sizable lottery win. Not saying that they fly every major lottery winner but its a possibility.

Shit, even if they didn’t fly you over, if I won that sort of money I’d pay my own way over and then take a world cruise back home. Heck I’d probably even buy some luxury holiday homes in some of my favourite places to visit, like the Amalfi Coast for example.

Naturally that’s only going to happen if I buy a ticket and those that know me know that I always buy a ticket when I write about a pending jackpot.

Here’s proof of my Million Dollar US Powerball ticket.


You’ll notice that I also invested in a Syndicate Bundle entry. I did that to increase my chances of becoming an instant multi-millionaire. And it only cost me a little over $5 to enter.

You’ll notice I used to buy those tickets. I reckon they’re probably the luckiest online lottery agent around.

Other lottery agents I’m a member of include;

  1. OZ Lotteries, best prices for those Aussie lottery tickets.

I’m also thinking of joining, another online lottery site which looks pretty cool. If I do I’ll be sure to tell you about my experience with them.

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