New Prince Of Michigan Lottery

new prince of Michigan lottery

Who Is The New Prince Of Michigan Lottery

Yes, there is a new prince of Michigan Lottery, and his name is the Prince Of Hearts. The Prince of Hearts is the latest addition to their most popular family of online games. These games include the Queen of Diamonds and The King of Clubs.

Michigan Lottery has a whole sleuth of fantastic online games. You can see them all here.

It’s such a shame that only players that live in Michigan have access to their range of online games, not to mention their extensive range of lotteries. Although I may have referred some of these games in a previous post, I barely touched on all they have to offer.

These include some of the following.

And the list goes on. Yep, you can amuse yourself for hours on the Michigan Lottery site but the most important thing you should remember is to gamble responsibly!

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