One Winner For USA PowerBall Check Your Results

Will you look at that! The week after one person wins the Euromillions the US PowerBall Jackpots finally goes off. I do believe I said in my last post that it would go off and it looks like I was right. Too bad I wasn’t as good at picking the numbers, I didn’t even get one right.  😥 Oh well, there is always next time For now, let’s look at the results and dividends of the US PowerBall.

Results & Dividends Of US PowerBall 15th August

Man, can you imagine winning over $330 million dollars? That was quite a haul for whoever won it. I wish them all the best and hope all that money doesn’t go to their head. It would probably be a good idea for them to read my post on What To Do With Your Lottery Winnings.

One thing is for sure. this is really the year for some massive jackpots! It pretty well all started back in March with the unbelievable 656 million dollar MegaMillions that pretty well broke all records in lottery history. The the SuperEna broke its own rollover record and after that it was last weeks EuroMillions turn to break its own record by climbing to a astonishing 190 million Euros.

Then it was the US Powerball’s turn with a huge jackpot of $337 million dollar prize! One just has to wonder what’s going to happen next?

The thing with lotteries is one never knows when its their turn to win a prize in the lottery. It may be only a matter of time before you are a winner. It may not be the first prize, but as can be seen even 2nd and 3rd prize is pretty good. Persistence is the only required ingredient! The more you play, the more chance you have to take the big one home.

Now may be a good time to subscribe to my list because that way you will never miss out on an important post. For example, I have one planned that is going to tell you of a lottery that is worth over € 2.5 billion! Yep, you read that right, two and a half billion euros. You won’t want to miss out on that.

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