Oz Lotteries Biggest Winners

There are a lot of lottery lovers that will flock to news agents and other lottery agents who are known to have sold a lot of winning tickets. The reasoning behind this being that they’re presumed to be “lucky“. I reckon the same can be said of the popular online lottery agents. I wrote about this in a post on another of my sites called, Luckiest Online Lottery Agent. At the time the honour of being the luckiest online lottery agent went to theLotter.com.

Like I said that was almost a year ago and it’s just come to my attention that there well may be another contender for that auspicious title. I’m referring to Oz Lotteries who was the very first online lottery site that I joined.

Lets have a look at some of Oz Lotteries biggest winners.

And Oz Lotteries Biggest Winners Are….

Oz Lotteries Biggest Winners 1Our biggest of the Oz Lotteries Biggest Winners originated back in February of 2016 a bloke from from a small coastal town in northern New South Wales was avoiding daily calls for almost two weeks because he thought “it was usually someone trying to get money” out of him.

Little did he know that he was the sole division 1 winner to the tune of $30 million in the OZ Lotto draw. All those calls that he was ignoring were from lottery officials trying to tell him that he had won thirty million bucks!

It wasn’t until he logged on to his online account and saw “a lot of zeroes” in his account that the pin finally dropped. He had finally won the big one. But he wasn’t sure exactly how much he had won.

“I couldn’t work out if I’d won $3 million or $30 million… I wrote the number down and put commas in between all those zeroes!”

This lucky bloke has been playing lotto for some 30 years and until finally cracking the $30 million big ones his biggest win was around the $1000 mark. Shit, these days I’d be happy with a $1000 win :tongue:

Just for interest sake, the winning numbers from Oz Lotto draw 1124 on Tuesday the 2nd of February were 5, 7, 9, 44, 22, 2 and 19, plus supplementary numbers 36 and 28.

Online Winner Story

Oz Lotteries Biggest Winners3Next in our Oz Lotteries Biggest Winners is a man in his 60’s living in Little Bay in Sydney’s south-east.

He was one of 15 division one winners in the Saturday Lotto Superdraw on the 30th July 2016. His share was a cool $1.3 million of that particular weekends $30 million Superdraw.

“I couldn’t believe it…” he said, as he re-read the email over and over. Actually, that’s one of the reason I love Oz Lotteries, the fact that I get email notifications of how my tickets fared in any particular lottery draw. No more having to worry about losing tickets or worrying about not checking my tickets properly and throwing away a winning ticket.

Believing that the email was some sort of hoax or spam email it wasn’t until the phone call from the Oz Lotteries customer support congratulating him that it finally sunk in.

It took 5 years of playing with Oz Lotteries before he finally got his first big win.

Online Powerball Winner

Oz Lotteries Biggest Winners2Our next big Oz Lotteries winner was a woman from West Footscray, a Melbourne suburb. This lucky lady purchased he her $25 million Powerball ticket using the Oz Lotteries app. On a side note, just about all my Oz Lotteries ticket are purchased via their app. It just makes buying lottery tickets online so easy.

She first joined Oz Lotteries in 2012 and usually only played 10 game tickets. When setting the ticket up on her app she accidentally selected the default 18 game ticket. She decided to go with the extra 8 games. Lucky she did too because it was the 17th game that won her first division in that particular Powerball.

I copied the following from the Oz lotteries site.

“All major Division 1 and 2 prize winners are contacted personally by the Oz Lotteries customer support team to congratulate them on becoming a major lotto winner. Over the next 3 weeks, the winner’s prize will be visible and secure in her Oz Lotteries online account while she undergoes an official identification process and the bank transfer is completed. We will advise her to speak to her bank manager and/or financial advisor to let them know her bank account will be receiving a very large deposit!”

It’s not surprising that Oz Lotteries continues to be the online lotto store of choice for over 1 million Australians. Who knows, maybe your luck will change if you decide to get you lottery tickets online with Oz Lotteries.

Check out their current feature draw by clicking on this LINK.

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