OZ Lotto $70 Million Jackpot Drawn On Tuesday 8th May 2012

That’s right guys, you read that right. Australia’s Tuesday OzLotto has just  hit a colossal $70M! OK, that’s not huge compared to some of the jackpots you see in some of the lotteries you see in other countries, the USA MegaMillion for example, but it’s quite sizeable by Aussie standards.

Winning Tuesday’s Oz Lotto Lottery

Naturally to win Tuesdays Oz Lotto lottery you have to participate and the best most secure way to do that is to buy your ticket online. Newly built large house, Federation styleSure it may cost you a little bit more but that pales to insignificance when you consider all the positives for doing so. Like not having to wait in line, having to put up with some of those rude lottery agents, and the security of knowing you can’t lose your winning ticket. Then there’s always the fact that you can do it from the comfort of your own home as well as all the petrol money you will save by not having to drive to a lottery agent.

The best place for an Aussie to buy their ticket online would be to use Oz Lotteries! That is of course unless you’re from Queensland who are for some reason excluded. But don’t worry guys, all is not lost as you can still use theLotter.com, PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM and LottoZone. There are other advantages of joining one of those sites, the main one being able to play the biggest international lotteries all on one site!

So, remember guys, when it comes to winning the lottery, and that includes Tuesdays OZ Lotto, you have to be in it to win it. Naturally I’m not about to tell you guys to buy a ticket without buying one myself which I did just after publishing this post. Being an Aussie I used   Oz Lotteries but another reason for using them is because they accept PayPal and I love being able to use PayPal to buy my online lottery tickets! :2tup:

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