OZ Lotto JackPots To $70 Million

Yep, it looks like nobody won the major prize on Tuesdays Oz Lotto so that means the prize pool jackpots once again and this week it’s worth a nice $70 million. How did you guys go with your tickets? Did you win anything at all? I did, but before I show you my results let’s take a look at the winning numbers and the dividends for OZ Lotto Draw 975!

OZ Lotto Results Draw 975

Now, let’s look at my results from the 14 tickets I purchases.

winning lotto numbers

The first numbers are the ones I play every time I buy a ticket and the others are all easy picks. What you see here is a screen capture of my tickets from Oz Lotteries. The red numbers are the winning numbers and the orange ones are the supplementary numbers. Notice how easy it is now to check your tickets. Gone are the days when you think you didn’t check them properly. Gone also is the fear of losing your tickets. I don’t know about you but that’s a load off my mind.

Anyway, getting back to my tickets, the fourth one had three winning numbers and a supplementary which means I won the division 7 prize which amounted to a huge $15.10!  :party: Not a huge amount but at least it will pay for this weeks tickets. :2tup:

Have you got your tickets yet? Don’t forget now, I don’t want you to miss out on your chance to win that $70 Million :time:


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