Results For $100 Million Oz Lotto Draw 977

As it turns out last nights OZ Lotto turned out to be a record beating the one set in 2009 which surged from a guaranteed jackpot of $90 million to over $106 million. Last nights jackpot went from a guaranteed $100 million to almost $112 million. Now that is what I call a sweet prize pool. Well, the results are in and four Aussies are going to share in it winning a cool $27.9 million each. Unfortunately no-one in South Australia, my home state, was lucky enough to win it as the lucky states for this weeks draw turned out to be Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

So many people went online last night trying to check their numbers and to see whether or not someone had actually won the lottery that websites were crashing all over the place. I wasn’t one of them as I was working last night and because of that I even missed out on the draw. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one in that situation I’ve decided to do something a little different for this post by embedding a video of the actual Oz Lotto draw.

Oz Lotto Draw 977 November 6, 2012

OK, so we know the winning numbers and now we need to know what the dividends were so we know how much we won.

oz lotto results
I haven’t received an email from OZ Lotteries yet but that’s understandable considering the amount of people who have bought tickets in it. I could go online and check the numbers myself but that would ruin the suspense.  :tongue:  At least I know that if I actually did win something I know that my winnings are secure. Not like those poor bastards who have bought and mislaid their tickets. I reckon they will be tearing out their hair about now.

One of the many advantages of buying your lottery tickets online is being secure in the knowledge that you never have to worry about losing your tickets again. Another one is that you don’t have to worry about having to join those endless long queues to buy a ticket when they jackpot to something like last nights Oz Lotto.

All that aside, I reckon the biggest advantage about getting your lottery ticket online is that it opens up a whole new world to you. No longer are you constrained to buying tickets in the place of your birth. Going online allows you to buy lottery tickets from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s America’s US PowerBall or Europe’s EuroMillions you now have access to it and this site supplies you all the information needed to do so. These include,, PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM,, LottoZone and Wintrillions. Which of those will be your lucky meal ticket to a life of luxury?

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