Results For Saturday Lotto Draw 3203

After last nights disappointing results in the US Mega Millions Lotto I woke up this morning with some anticipation that I would win some sort of prize in the Australian lottery, what with being an Aussie and all.  :tongue:  But alas, it wasn’t to be, the best I could do was three numbers which would have won me a whole $7 the the Mega Millions lottery  😆 Enough of that, you’re here to get the results to last nights lottery so here they are, dividends and all.

Lottery Results Saturday Lotto Draw 3203

Oh well, better luck next time huh? Sure hope one of you guys did better than I did. At least being a member of means I don’t have to wait for another Aussie Jackpot to buy a lottery ticket as members have access to all the world’s major lottery draws.

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