Results Of $217 Million US PowerBall

You know, luck is a relative thing and different people find luck in different places and objects. This is especially true when buying online lottery tickets. Some may have lucky numbers which they play religiously, not a bad option because one would think playing the same numbers would increase the probability of them actually turning up one day. Others may use the stars, and as luck has it PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM actually has this feature built into their site, as I wrote in the post called Using The Horoscope To Pick Your Lucky Numbers.

In the real world I know of people who visit lottery agents who have a history of winners believing them to be lucky. I reckon people would do the same with the online agencies which is why I’m trying to get together some stats of winners for those online agencies that I write about on this blog. Anyway, I was hoping that GiantLottos, the latest lottery agent that I joined, would prove to be my lucky agent when I bought lottery tickets in the last US Powerball Jackpot. Damn, not even close, but you can’t blame a guy for trying right?

Not to worry, there’s always next time. For now, here’s the lottery results, including dividends for the US Powerball,

US powerball results


Reckon maybe next time I’ll have to rub that lucky 4 leaf clover.  :whistle: So, tell me, what do you do to create a little luck?

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