Results Of Latest USA PowerBall Drawn 21 July 2012

Well, it seems like I didn’t win anything in the latest USA Powerball, Draw # 2012/58, but that’s OK because nobody else won either which means that the prize jackpots once again, this time to a huge US$121 million. Now that’s a nice set of numbers, I don’t care what anyone says. But enough of me rambling on, I know there are a lot of you are here to check their lottery tickets, so here are the results and dividends for Saturday’s PowerBall draw.

Results & Dividends For Saturday’s US PowerBall Draw # 2012/58

Honestly though, if you bought your lottery ticket online you would get instant notification of the results, usually with the winning numbers highlighted! If you don’t buy your tickets online you should seriously consider doing so as there are many benefits, as outlined in my original post. That post also shows where to purchase your tickets online, sites that I have personally tested and approved. I actually use all of them depending on the lottery involved. Clicking on the above image will take you to which offers the PowerPlay feature, which as you can see can double your winnings on all but the first prize.

Naturally I’ve purchased two tickets in this draw, there is no way I’m missing out on winning this jackpot :noway: As in the last post I’ll be using so that I can make use of their PayPal feature to buy the ticket. I gave the free voucher, see last post to see what that was all about, to see if it would work again but unfortunately you only get to use it once. I thought that would be the case but what the heck, it doesn’t hurt to try right?  :tongue:

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