Results Of My USA Mega Millions Lottery Ticket

Yesterday I wrote a post on How To Buy A USA Mega Millions Lottery Ticket Online. Naturally to give an honest review I joined and I must admit the whole process, from joining to purchasing my tickets, was a breeze. I went online today to see if I had won anything, but unfortunately there was no joy there. Oh well, at least checking the ticket was really easy.

As you can see the winning numbers are overlaid on my lottery numbers and what a dismal result it turned out to be. The image on the right is my actual ticket they purchased for me, scanned and uploaded it to my page as proof of purchase. Not to worry, I still have four tickets left as I purchased tickets for five draws.

That last image shows the winning numbers as well as the prize payout for the USA Mega Millions Lottery draw# 2011/45. As you can see nobody won 1st prize so the next draw jackpots to $33 million. Being an Aussie I found the prize breakdown of some interest as you have a chance to win one of 9 prizes. Something else I found interesting is the Megaplier factor, you remember, I mentioned it in the last post.

The megaplier for that game multiplied the winnings by four, so as you can see it’s well worth the extra outlay. Even though I missed out I hope one of my readers fared better. As for me, maybe I will have more luck in the next draw.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi Sire, I wish you the best of luck with the lottery, unless, of course, you would quit writing your blogs if you won. Then I would still wish you luck, though perhaps not the best of luck. 😉

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