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While I realise that people want reviews of products and services I can’t provide personal reviews until such a time that I actually win the lottery myself  :ponder: That being the case I decided the next best thing was to rely on a site that provided reviews for certain products. It then hit me, the perfect site to garner this information was Amazon!  :2tup: This is because unlike other sites who give reviews the reader can never be certain as to how biased the review is towards the reviewer wanting to sell the product.

Amazon resolves that issue by allowing actual customers to review the products they purchase. You can always rely on the honesty of those reviews because a customers review has a lot of emotional value. For them to come back to Amazon to review a product means they either love it or are pissed off with it. These are the sort of reviews I’m looking for.

The first in these product reviews goes to the Kindle version of Lottery Pro Player. I decided on the Kindle version because the Kindle offers products at a very low price. The book offers ways of calculating the winning lottery numbers. I personally believe that playing the lottery is a game of chance and as I said in my post Winning The Lottery Is All About The Numbers, there are certain products and books that can help people choose those numbers. Whether or not those are winning lottery numbers is all up to Lady Luck.  🙂 Now, onto the Kindle Version Of Lottery Pro Player!

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