Review Of The Visual Lottery Analyser

I know it’s been awhile since I posted my last review on a software that’s supposed to help you pick the winning lottery numbers. You may remember that post, it had something to do with Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels). I actually ran a poll on that post and while only a few took part the consensus was that I should more of these reviews.

While there are a lot of products out there not all of them come with positive reviews. Actually most don’t come with any reviews which means they’re either crap or nobody has bothered to buy them. I think it’s the latter because if someone did buy it and hated it they would be warning people off it.

Another thing I noticed about lottery number picking software is that they’re usually targeted at one particular lottery. You rarely find a program that picks the winning lottery numbers that will work on all of the world’s lotteries. That’s exactly what got me interested in the Visual Lottery Analyser. Something else that piqued my interest was all the positive reviews. One thing for sure is that you won’t find the Visual Lottery Analyser on ebay.


I don’t know how good this product is. But it seems that most people who bought it thought highly of it. Another positive is that it very reasonably priced.  :2tup:

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