Saturday $30 Million Lottery Ticket Result

Before we get into the rest of this post let’s review the results of last night’s lottery, Draw 3129. I sure hope your lottery ticket had enough winning lotto numbers on it to make it a winner.

Lottery results draw 3129

As you can see there were 6 winners of division one, each wining $1,250,000 which isn’t all that bad. Needless to say I didn’t win anything, the closest I got was three numbers. Oh well, maybe next time.  :pray:

This week I’m going to try something different, actually it’s something completely new, at least to me. I’m talking about Saturday’s 6 from 38 Pools! I didn’t even know this game existed until today when I went online to check my results.

  • About the Game: 6 From 38 Pools (or ‘Soccerpools’) is based on Australian and European soccer matches. You don’t need to know anything about Soccer though – it can be played just like a normal lottery game.
  • Each week, 38 matches are listed and numbered 1 to 38 inclusive. For a standard lottery, you choose 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 38.The 6 matches that accumulate to the highest total drawn scores are the winning numbers (e.g. Match A with a final score of 4-4 has a higher total score than Match B which finished 3-3). The 7th highest result is the supplementary number.

Lucky for me you don’t need to know anything about soccer because I would definitely be at a disadvantage if that was the case. Even though this draw is only worth $70,000 I like that it offers better odds as you only have to pick 6 out of 36 numbers instead of  6 out of 45 like last nights game. A standard game only costs .75cents a game so I figure nothing ventured nothing gained so I’m just going online to purchase a 10 game lottery ticket.

I got to admit, I love Oz Lotteries because they make it so easy to buy a ticket online and the fact that they accept PayPal is an added bonus.

What you see on the left is the ticket I’ve just purchased, so you can get to track to see how lucky I am. Do us a favour would you and keep your fingers crossed. :2tup:

As far as results go, because it’s all tied in with the soccer results, I’m going to have to wait until Monday after the last games are played. Also, because the entries closing time varies depending on the actual soccer matches it’s probably best to get the tickets earlier rather than later. Having said that, entries usually close Saturday at imp (AEST) during the Ausssie matches and at 6pm during the European matches.

I don’t know what you guys usually do, but I use their easy pick feature to pick my numbers. I could use my kids birthdays, lucky numbers and some of that other stuff that people do to pick their numbers but that takes too much time and I much prefer the easy route.

I have to admit though that the quick pick method hasn’t really resulted in anything but small wins so perhaps I should changed my strategy? Perhaps using one of those programs I covered in my Winning The Lottery Is All About The Numbers post would increase my chances or maybe I should just pick a set of numbers and stick with them. Heck they have to come up sooner or later right?  😎

So, what method do you use when it comes to picking your lottery ticket numbers?


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