Saturdays $30 Million Megadraw Only Days Away

As popular as lotteries are the one thing that always gets people excited are the jackpots. Jackpots occur when a draw has no winners and if this happens week after week the jackpot can get quite high. I’m happy to report that Australia’s Saturday lottery has jack-potted to $30 million! That may seem small to some overseas lotteries but then you have to remember our population is a lot smaller resulting in a smaller money pool. Nevertheless Aussies tend to get pretty excited when the prize pool jackpots resulting in even more people buying lottery tickets.

If you’re wanting to buy a ticket in the Saturday the 16th Lotto draw for a chance of winning Thirty Million Dollars your best bet is to buy your ticket from OzLotteries. You may be asking why, especially if you have joined one of the other lottery agents I promote on this site and the answer is simple, it’s cheaper. Consider this, each game will only cost you 85 cents, so compare that to those other online agencies and you will see that there are considerable savings to be made.

Unfortunately not everyone is allowed to buy tickets from Oz Lotteries. Yep, I’m talking about you Yanks and you Banana Benders from Queensland  :party: You Yanks probably deserve it because there are so many things that you deny us Aussies, but I’m not sure why Queensland residents allowed to buy it. Must be something to do with their State Government, but then what do you expect from the Labor party  :tongue:

Don’t worry guys, all is not lost, you Queenslanders can shove it up the Government and you Yanks can still get lucky by buying tickets in the Saturday by buying them from either Yeah, yeah, I know I said it would be dearer, but then it’s not like you have a choice now is there? Anyway, like I said in my initial post, there are many advantages for buying your tickets online.

Something else you should consider is although the tickets may cost a little more from an online lottery agent it may actually save you money. Let’s say you had to go to the local shops to get it. It means leaving your warm, or cool house depending on what season it is, getting into your car and driving to get it. You have to find a park, if it’a a major draw you may even have to line up. If you’re lucky you’ve got a friendly shop assistant, if you’re not you end up an arrogant twit. Then you gotta get back to the car and drive home. Depending where your shops are you’ve probably wasted a half and hour, possibly $10 in value and if you add the petrol and wear and tear on your car, heck you actually may save money.  :2tup:

One last thing, there are times when you just couldn’t be stuffed going out to buy a ticket, well perhaps buying that ticket online is all the difference between winning a losing.

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