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US Powerball Now Worth $216 Million

Yeah, you read that right, nobody won the last US Powerball which means there’s been another rollover. This is the ninth one and that means that there’s $216 million up for grabs. Naturally, you haven’t got a hope in hell getting your … Continue reading

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Where To Buy A Ticket To The Loteria de Navidad

I wrote about the the Loteria de Navidad some time ago in a post called Where To Buy A Ticket In The Lotteria De Navidad and since that post several other online lottery agents have added this remarkable lottery to their sites. That … Continue reading

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How To Buy A Lottery Ticket Using PayPal

In my last post, Introducing Lottobroker.com Your One Stop Lottery Shop I introduced you to Lottobroker.com, but then I reckon you gathered that from the title.  :giggle: In this post I’m going to show you how I purchased a ticket in … Continue reading

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US PowerBall Jackpots To US$ 240,000,000

Before we talk about the PowerBall Jackpot let’s look at the results from the EuroMillions Jackpot lottery and the US PowerBall Lottery. Europe EuroMillions Jackpot Results Draw# 2012/45 As you can see from the image below the EuroMillion Jackpot is … Continue reading

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Two Major Lottery JackPots Up For Grabs

As the world economy slumps even further it’s no surprise that more and more people try their luck at winning the lottery. I’ve also noticed that more people are joining the major Online Lottery sites so they can buy their … Continue reading

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