The Biggest US Lottery Jackpot Ever

biggest US lottery jackpotThat’s right, this week’s US Mega Millions is worth $1.6 Billion US dollars. That’s about $2.25 billion Aussie Dollars! That makes it the biggest US lottery jackpot ever. I was watching the Channel 9 news when they announced it. They also said, wrongfully, that as Aussies we can’t have a go at winning a bit of that cash. What a lot of bullshit. We absolutely can buy a Mega Million lottery tickets. I purchased a ticket on Friday when it was worth a mere billion dollars.

Where You Take Part In The Biggest US Lottery Jackpot

I’ve been promoting for years how you can take part in overseas lotteries. Here are my favourite online lottery sites where you can purchase your Mega Millions lottery ticket.

  • LottoAgent is relatively new in the online lottery game, but they’re currently offering a buy one ticket, get one ticket free promotion.
  • Wintrillions

I’ve just bought my Mega Millions lottery ticket using LottoAgent. I’ve taken a screenshot of my purchase below.

biggest US lottery jackpot

Reckon all I have to do now is to keep my fingers crossed.  :2tup:

If you’re interested in the luckiest online lottery agent, you should read this post.

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