The Lottery! You Have To Be In It To Win It

In life there are winners and losers and there is a very distinct factor that separates them. The winners are those who are not happy with their lot in life and are hell bent in doing something about it. The losers are those people who are also nor happy with the hand life has dealt them but rather than do something about it they prefer to sit back and whinge about how their life sucks. Unfortunately for them not only doesn’t it help their situation it also doesn’t help to cement their relationship with their friends.

Instead of sitting back and doing nothing they need to work on ways to improving their situation.

Your Situation & How To Improve It

What I Have

  • A crappy job! Don’t worry, you’re not alone but sitting around complaining isn’t going to help.
  • Not having enough money is a common complaint but there are steps you can take to help your situation.
  • A complaining wife isn’t always pleasant and the worst thing you can do is to stand there and argue with her.

How To Change It

  • Look for another job, but don’t quit the one you have until you’ve found it
  • Find ways of saving money. Consolidate your loans. Burn your credit card. Find other ways of earning an income.
  • Find out why she is complaining and resolve it. Perhaps you’re not doing all that you should be doing.

That was only a few things that could be bothering people; I’m sure there are heaps more that could be added to the list but what I am trying to convey here is that no matter what the problem is there’s always a solution or a way of dealing with it. In many life situations there is a cause and effect and the winners are those who go out there and change things to cause an effect otherwise all you have is a never ending situation.

You may well remember my last post Lottery Ticket Humour And How Prayers Only Go So Far where I presented a joke about a bloke who was always complaining about not winning the lottery but failing to realise the most important factor of the cause and effect relationship. He had to buy a lottery ticket! Buying a lottery ticket is the cause part of the equation, the most important part without which you have no hope in hell of ever winning the lottery.

You don’t even have to buy a lottery ticket every week to have that chance at winning. You could just leave it for the major draws or for that special occasion like a birthday or just because you have a couple of spare bucks. Being able to buy your lottery ticket online means that as long as you have an internet connection you never have to worry about missing out on your chance to win the big one. Your main three options for buying an online lottery ticket so far are;

  • Oz Lotteries: For all your Australian online lottery needs including PowerBall
  • Buy lottery tickets online from any of the world’s major lotteries.
  • PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM: Also gives you the option of buying your lottery tickets from many of the worlds major draws

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